Is it possible to Port the binding of Isaac on gameshell?

I don’t think that the game is that hardware intensive…

Is it open source and where is the source code needed to port it for GS? I can find it only in Steam for purchase

I’m pretty sure it’s not open source…

Well same as some other request. The game is not open source, and I doubt there is a ARM Linux build of it. qemu-user may be useable to run one if there is any linux build, but you will get hit by the screen resolution.

I highly doubt the game is meant to run with a 320x240 resolution.

Is it possible for someone to make an open source demake of it?

This is an interesting demake using Pico-8 that was created earlier this year. Unfortunately it requires a mouse for player controls.

The default Pico-8 key bindings on the GameShell only allow for the two virtual buttons, but I wonder if there would be a way to use all four buttons (a/b/x/y) instead? If so, this game could be modified to run on the GameShell and might be an option.