Using uconsole as a phone?

I’ve been searching for a smartphone alternative in Canada. Not a literal dumb phone but jist something that would help reduce how many ads I view and data I generate for giant tech companies.

I would just want to use spotify, be able to look up directions (i dont mind pulling over and looking at a static map), text and call.

It seems like uconsole could fit that niche, in a sense. What would be the possibilities, strengths and weaknesses that can be predicted at this point?

Found that the oem of the lte module lists “IC” industry canada

Good enough

Pretty terrible as this is not a phone. AFAIK the uconsole doe not sleep in the same way a smart phone does so you cannot simply tap the power button and have it go to sleep and instantly resume wen you need it next. You wold need to boot it up every time which will get old really fast.

Why not instead look at the smart phones that are specifically designed to avoid tracking? Combine that with the right combination of software and you can take advantage of what is effectively a solved problem, but with none of the negatives you dislike. The Uconsole is much less portable, much heavier, most likely less durable, less screen estate, and not designed to be primarily a communication device.

Could you do it? Absolutely. Would you regret it? Maybe not, hard for me to say.


Only 1 way to find out. Interesting about no sleep or low power mode. Debian with no GUI probably boots to shell pretty fast. Maybe I could write myself some interesting command line applications. Or add an rp2040 into the case somehow for low power stuff.