Issue with PuTTY ssh transfer

So I downloaded PuTTY, looked up some stuff online, and now I’m so close to transferring this one zip folder. But I keep getting a notification that says “no such file or directory.” I’m connected to the same wifi network on both my gameshell and laptop, and I’ve tried typing the file location a few different ways. And it asked for the password, so I don’t think there’s connection issues. What might be the issue?

Have you tried SCP instead?

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Thank you so much! It seems to be working! I’m kinda worried though…will it somehow delete the emulator or something if I’m not careful? I don’t know much about this stuff lol

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The “$” in the command prompt is just to tell you that it is accepting a new command.

Your call of pscp give a non valid folder, the folder name is

~/games/PSCX instead

So the command should have been

pscp cpi@

That’s why it was not working.

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thank you for sharing with us, this is really helpful for me