New OS does not have Launcher directory in Apps Directory?

Hey everybody,
'Till now I have only been reading on the forum, and learned a lot already. Which is the reason I bought the GameShell in the first place, so I am very thankful for all the time and effort everybody puts in to help each other out.

Somewhere in January my GameShell had the problem where it would be stuck in the loading screen after I did the update. I only had time and energy this weekend to get back into it. And I got a lot to work again. I downloaded the latest version, flashed it onto a 32gb SD-card (yes I have big plans :slight_smile: ) . Ran the scripts I found around here, and even got some games on my GameShell and the work! All thanks to this forum. So Far, So good.

I have basic knowledge of SSH (I use Putty) and FTP (I use WinSCP). But I have a few questions to which I did not find answers yet. That is why I decided to make a post. I hope it’s not too long and that someone has time to answer these, or think with me. If it is in the wrong label, plaese change it.

Here are my questions:

  1. I have the feeling the Launcher directory moved from the Apps directory. When I follow the tutorials to either install Emulators or Games, I feel like the folder structure on my Gameshell is wrong, but what is the right way? Can I just move the Launcher folder? Or Do I have to make another Launcher folder?

  2. I have been following tutorials, moving files through Putty, but why can I not just place them files in the correct folder directly through WinSCP?

  3. Is there no easy way to, I don’t know… make a list or something of where each file needs to be for the specific thing you are trying to install. For example: so far I know the .png from the menu needs to be in the /home/cpi/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell folder. And .so files for emulators need to be here: /home/cpi/apps/emulators. Sort of ‘rules’ like this? Is this possible? Or am I thinking this is easier than it really is?

I also wonder, am I alone with these questions?
And hope someone has time to help me.
Thank you, Cheers, Simone

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In one of the recent version of the laucher, the directory moved from ~/apps/launcher to ~/launcher.

If you downloaded a recent OS image (0.21 or 0.3) and are using an up to date launcher, you should not have to do anything other than be aware that launcher is now at ~/launcher and any tutorials that use ~/apps/launcher are simply outdated and you should use the new location (unless you are on the old version then by all means use the old location).

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I have never used WinSCP, but yes, you can use whatever you like as long as it puts the files into the correct place on the gameshell. You can use ssh, scp, rsync, sftp, winscp(?), etc.

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Most of this is already documented in the forum, you just have to look. I have already voiced my opinion that we need a well organized wiki to capture information like this so it isn’t so hard to find. Until that happens, just search the forum, a lot of it has already been discussed.

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Thanks a lot. I lost my motivation searching through all the topics here. But I do want to get it to work. So i will jump back in soon. It just has to work!