[IT WORKS!] Lighting the Lightkey

Update: Just right now I am checking for updates from the device updater and is possible to upgrade to the 1.2 system, and after update, my Light Key make some lights <3


A few weeks ago, I seems to read (maybe Im wrong) that it could be possible to light up the light key module, right?
I seems to rear from Hal or others… Ok, but this is possible? Cannot see any LED diode or something in the board.

Thank you so much guys, and enjoy your shells! :metal:t2:

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As far as I can tell, the slightly transparent spot on each of the switches is the led. I’ve never seen a tactile switch that looks like this before, so that would be my guess.

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Can you post a close up of the PCB and the switch?

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@hal Could you help around here? You have any plans for “wake up” this lights in next updates like a “magic trick”? Hehehehehe

Seriously, thanks for you and your team for make possible this authentic piece of gaming <3 <3 <3 I really love this machine

Well there will be no magic or automatic update of the gamepad module, you will need a PC to update it (and the arduino IDE)

I know if its possible make by your hands if you know any arduino IDE knowlege, but some people don´t know this and don´t know want to know and the clockwork team can surprise people “making some lights” in the next updates @hal

What I mean is that from the GameShell it is not possible to update the code running on the keypad, you need to connect it to a PC to upgrade that code.

Ok, but you´ll need the code (all users know how to connect the module to his PCs) but not all people know to make the necesary code to make it works

Update your systems!

Has anyone successfully updated the arduino code? I spent hours trying to get it to work and could’t. I suspect it was because I couldn’t get the board configuration hex added to the IDE. Using Arduino Nano board does not work.