Lightkey not recognised, not lighting up

Hi everyone. Got a gameshell as a gift for Christmas and I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together. Got some games on there and have already been playing flawlessly.

I then realized I wanted to play w extra buttons and I installed the light key expansion. I was having issues binding the keys and then I realized that the keys weren’t even lighting up when I pressed, which I gathered from videos and forum posts is what they’re supposed to do.

Is there anything I can do to test if the hardware itself is busted? I’ve seen about trying to ssh in and test keys but I’m having lots of connections issues (WiFi seems very mercurial) so I will try that asap. Any other ideas would be much appreciated, as I’d hate to have order a whole new replacement.


The plug for the light key is probably one of the most finicky one to set. If you don’t install it perfectly aligned, the pins will bend!
There are a few posts covering that you can search in the forums. But basically, if they are bent, carefully try and realign them, and then install the cable with the light key unit outside of its housing.

I recommend USB Ethernet instead of wifi.

For checking you could use the Arduino IDE with its serial console with my fork of the keypad

You would need to set the debug flag to 1 (true) so you can get the keypresses on the serial console.