Just got a new 64 gb as card for the 0.4 os, but when I flash it, only 43 mb show

What should I do? I use Mac by the way

Never mind figured it out, just need to go into the terminal to partition the sd card

I’m still so confused, I thought I got it working, please help

If you’ve written the clockworkOS image file to the SD card (I personally use Etcher on MacOS), it would have written the partitions in a Linux format (ext4) that MacOS doesn’t natively read.

You shouldn’t have to worry about setting up partitions etc before flashing the image. The image takes care of that. Flashing it sets it up as an 8GB partition. You’ll just need go either expand it to fill up the space (look up hpcodecraft’s great script), or use gparted on a separate (virtual) machine to make an additional partition to take up the remainder of the space.

If you really want to be able to natively read the SD card on your Mac, say for manually backing up ROMs etc, you can use ext4fuse. Here’s a link that guides you through setting it up.

The last thing it could be … is a counterfeit card. Some online sellers sell cards that report a certain size, but are much smaller; recursively rewriting over the same sectors. Here’s a link covering this.

Thankfully SD micro cards are getting extremely affordable, that it’s worth it just to go to your local shop to buy the genuine article.

Fwiw, I’ve found that realistically, I don’t need more than 32GB of data. That’s to fit all of the N64, GBA, GB, SNES, NES, SMS, MAME 0.78, and DOOM complete rom sets. It takes long enough restoring 32GB. I would hate to see how long 64GB takes. Plus it makes it easier and cheaper to have a back up card if and when something breaks, or when a new update rolls out that you want to test.

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just made a auto expand root fs os v0.4 img, it will expand the partition to be full size of sdcard

I hope it will help a little.


this image will reboot twice while the first boot,then everything will be all right.

tested on 16GB TF card


Thank you so much, it’s truly appreciated, but if were to just put the os on the sd card, would I still have somewhat most of my memory when I put it in the gameshell?

Do I just flash the image like Normal? Because it comes in a zip file

well,it’s bzip file, extract it first

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Alright I extracted it, do I just flash it on the sd card?

Hey, I’ll just put a quick step baby step flashing guide up. :slight_smile:

  1. The file should be “clockworkos_v0.4.img.bz2” - when you download it, and is 1.67GB.
  2. First, decompress the compressed file. You should get “clockworkos_v0.4.img” which is 7.95GB.
  3. To make things easier, download an application to your mac, like Etcher. (It’s what I use) It’s what you use to flash file images to SD cards and USB cards safely. https://www.balena.io/etcher/
  4. Once you have the program, select the image you decompressed above, ie, clockworkos_v0.4.img
  5. Insert your SD card into your mac. If should then be selectable under the drive selection dialogue menu.
  6. Press Flash! If you don’t want to wait afterwards, you can change options in the top right corner to disable “validate write on success” - but if you’re having troubles, it might be best to leave this on.

Hopefully this works! Good luck!!



and flash the img to sdcard means

it will destroy off all the data on the card and start over again

Thank you again, I was on the verge of giving up completely

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I’m sorry I meant do I just burn it to the sd?

I’m so happy for you. Hopefully it all goes to plan!! Keep that old SD card on standby meantime, in case you don’t like what 0.4 has to offer.
Since you’re on Mac, another great program to use with the Gameshell is Cyberduck. Great for SSHing into your device.

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Hopefully your screen should look like this. Just make sure you select your SD card, and not a connected hard drive.
Once you decompress the file you downloaded, you should write it directly to the SD card. It writes to the physical card, making all of the partitions as needed.
Guu’s auto expanding image looks and sounds amazing! It only went up about half an hour ago, so I haven’t tested it, but it sounds like it’s EXACTLY what you need! Thanks Guu! :slight_smile: