Keyboard and Trackball not working after update

Hello enthusiast out there

I have received my DevTerm a couple of days ago, assembled and worked. Now I tried apt update and the built-in keyboard and trackball no longer work, even after reboot with battery in/ out.

Any idea on how to get keyboard functionality back?

Many thanks for your help

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The “nuclear option” is simply to re flash the SD card, which I’ve had to do once or twice. A few of us have noticed that the keyboard and trackball are sometimes unresponsive after a reboot, but will work again after the machine is powered off and left alone for a couple of hours (possible thermal issue?). I’ve not done a complete apt update of all packages yet, I’ve been upgrading them individually / bit by bit and I’ve avoided anything related to keyboard or X input yet.

What core are you using, out of interest?

Thanks @andypiper reflash - thats what I did a couple of times now. As soon as the image is updated, the keyboard and trackball stop working after restaring.

Will try the indivudual package approach!