Keyboard mapping help some keys type wrong characters

im using one of the bookworm images put out for uconsole. i dont remember the post i found it in but the image is 2024-03-15-raspios-bookworm-arm64-lite.img. everything seems to work as it should except that some characters are swapped or missing from whats printed on the keys. the " and @ symbols are swapped and the bckslash and pipe key types # and~ instead the key that is supposed to type ~ types ¬ im at loss as to how to get the right characters on the keys. is there file on the original os that maps the keyboard? or maybe a corrected firmware for the keyboard?

No its a keyboard localisation issue, the standard keyboard layout for uconsole is american (us) if you change that either in raspi-config or during a new flash of an sd card you wont have that issue
I had this issue too with all the images i did but i was using uk standard

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Also out of interest what sort of stuff are you using the lite image for, would be interesting to see your progress with it

Thanks for that. I thought I had it set for US in raspi-config. is there anywhere else it would need to be set?

I’m just building out a standard general use system I guess. The lite image I used was just console so I installed KDE plasma desktop. the main reason I wanted bookworm is because I knew Distrobox works well under bookworm. I’m running two Debian images and a fedora 36 image under Distrobox currently. I’m still on the lookout for an Archlinux docker image that works on aarch64. ive tested two images so far and both error out on startup. running with Distrobox I can do all my tinkering and application testing in the containers and leave the base system fairly stock. the two Debian images are a dev image and a daily driver, I do all my experimental installs in the dev and if it works I redo it in the daily driver image for regular use. The fedora ( and eventually the archlinux image) are going to be used to run apps that aren’t packed for Debian systems.

Sweet glad someone found some use for it, havent had a chance to test it fully myself, let me know how it goes. Luckily ive managed to get more storage space for backups so i can start playing around with the lite version and other os

I managed to get the keyboard problem corrected. in raspi config both and were selected. I removed the gb entry , then had it regenerate the keyboard localization. then in plasma made sure everything was set to US English. also had to change to generic 101 key keyboard and then it started working. Thanks fr the tip. And the image has been working without any issues. I saw its running a 5.10 kernel and I think I saw in one of your other posts a mention of building an updated kernel using postmarked os. once I get everything set up the way I want I may try building a newer 6.x. kernel and swapping to that one.

Please do and i hope you share what comes of it, i would like to do more Lite based os aswell once i figure out ubuntu and kali also i would like to have a terminal setup with windows for either more terminals or just other normal windows like internet browsing and other programs