Last update before shipping (May 31st, 2018)



I totally get you. I think they rather put time and effort in completing the product than replying on everything we say here. But a frequent update lets say every week would be nice to have…


only 4 days left in this week, hope can get some news


Just received a push notification from a Chinese shipping service. I guess it’s Gameshell!


Can you confirm us is the gameshell by entering the id on the shipping company website ?


The shipping information is from their package partner, but it could confirmed, as there is another report of shipping on IGG. Hope I could post the first pic review here.


They call me today to confirm the address, because I filled two.
He said they are shipping today from Shenzhen.


你是菜鸟裹裹里看到的吗? 我没收到订单信息唉




Okay… we’ll wait. No mail here as well so i expect it to be a small group shipment (trail?)


Acc to the pics @yong posted, all first round backers should get a gameshell box


Good news, shipping does start today, backers in china will recive a message from ShunFeng not EMS, backers in other countries will get your tracking number soon




是的,老早我问过@yong 国内会不会单独用顺丰而不是EMS,回答说不,现在嘛。。。。


I was a Super Early Bird backer about 2 weeks into the campaign, so I’m not sure where that puts me on line waiting for shipping details in the USA. Either way, the fact that customers are finding out more on their own than from ClockworkPi is a bit odd and crappy.


I think your GameShell is in the current shipment, but only backers in China have received shipping details. Apparently they use different postal services for the China shipment (ShunFeng) and our oversees shipments (EMS). And I guess ShunFeng was faster with sending shipment details.
So my guess is that EMS will send us an update somewhere in the next 24 hours or so.

Side note: EMS is doing the shipment, not ClockworkPi themselves so EMS is responsible for sending us this update


Welcome to the world of kickstarter, and chinese project.

No offense to chinese people, but all the project I backed that was from China turned to be messy when it come to shipping.

You will get it don’t worry, they always ship. It is just that communication is at it’s lowest at that point, and things are send in some non understandable order.


The only other thing I’ve ever bothered to Kickstart/Crowd Fund was the game Bloodstained, because of all the horror stories I’ve heard from friends who have either never received what they paid for or because of the delay taking up to years from when the project was originally supposed to launch. Bloodstained is one of those games that I don’t care how long it takes for it to come out, as long as I get it. It’s different with a piece of tech, though, as by the time it comes out it’s old, especially after 3 to 4 months of delays. lol Good thing we’re mostly using it to play old stuff anyhow. lol




@yong / @hal you really should make an update on the KS campaign


Agreed. Or here. Or on the chat. Or through a physical letter. Whatever. We need info. :smile: