Last update before shipping (May 31st, 2018)



And even if it is late, you will get it. The pictures that @yong posted is a proof of it.


I did not say that we will not get the devices. My main point was that I was learning about the delays myself on the forum after weeks of silence.
This is from the kickstarter page:

With our years of experience in the design and manufacturing fields, we are very confident with our process and production schedule for GameShell.
However, we also know that hidden obstacles and challenges often occur. If something does go wrong, we promise to keep our backers updated and informed about any issues and about the way in which we are solving them.

A lot of stuff gone wrong, but most updates about issues I learned myself by visiting forum instead of getting message from kickstarter page as soon as problems arose.
I would like to be notified of the delays ASAP so I could spend less time waiting for a device not knowing that it’s not coming soon.


Do every package will contain SD card?


Yes :slight_smile:


While I can agree it would be ideal if there was someone at Clockwork who’s sole job was to post updates across all their crowdfunding pages for every update and to answer the same question that people are bound to ask over and over again since they won’t read the backlog of responses, that also puts another person on the payroll and increases the overall price of the Game Shell. Like @Godzil said, this is a small company that is trying to make a new product and ship it internationally. I’m sure we can all agree that’s not a simple task.

However, since they knew they’d be busy trying to get the product out to us they made a forum (which was posted to all the crowdfunding sites) where their community of users can help answer already known answers to questions and a central place to put updates.

Now, they could have a constant stream of communication by stopping what they are doing every time there’s a hiccup along the way to inform us, but that doesn’t tell us how they will solve this issue, how it overall effects the timeline, etc. Those types of answers take time to determine and I’m sure you’d be even more upset if Clockwork spent more time telling us there’s a delay and provide no solution, no idea of how long the delay will be, and halting progress to give you this info and to answer all your questions.

At the end of the day, I want a non-expensive quality product, I want everyone at Clockwork working to get it to me as soon as possible, and if there’s any delays I’d like to know but I also want to know if they have a solution in place. So far, Clockwork has accomplished this, so I’m still a happy customer.


This is my fault.

I am very sorry to learn that the export customs officer believe that our devices are not belong to the “development boards” category!

They determined that our product category should belong to the “game console”.

I admit it looks like a game console… but is this a world only goes by looks? anyway this is a huge cognitive gap between me and the state apparatus.

Of course, this is their job, they carefully discriminate various products, but the category in their hands is getting * OLD *.

I still believe that our devices belong to the category of “development boards”.

At the end, please rest assured that I finally succumbed.

BTW: How do you think the classification of our products? I’m just curious about everyone’s thoughts.


@hal: been there (ok not me personally but a company I was working) and they are a clear pain in the ass with that type of thing.)


I somewhat agree with the vision of being in the game console category. Because of looks, because of the name, because of the gamepad style keyboard (as much as you can make it to do whatever you want). I think also the marketing you made is geared towards gaming and most of us will use it to play games, even if we hack it.


game shell as a single product should be classified as a “game console” for farious reasons. 1. Because of the name “GameShell”. 2. The design of the product. 3. Screen + product. 4. The whole campaign & the USP’s of the product.


I personally see the Game Shell as a game console with a hackable development board inside that users can choose to make use of. Given that it’s design is akin to a Game Boy and comes loaded with retro-style games, I’d say there’s more arguments to it being a game console than not.


Had there been an option to buy the board without everything else, I would classify the project as a “Development board”. The rest of the GameShell could be considered an optional add-on extension.

Since the project includes everything, it should be considered as the final user-constructed product. In this case, a game console.

It’s like a model car is just a box of plastic before you assemble it, but ends as a 1:25 replica. It is technically a car shaped piece of plastic, but context makes it a replica or toy.


For everyone who still has doubts if either Clockwork / Gameshell is legit and not a scam, i recommend browse through their Github:

These forum pages:

GameShell updates (April 16th, 2018) New Progress Update (May 15th, 2018)

When will we have more video of the Gameshell in action? and

@yong his YouTube:


GameShell is the name of the whole thing, but the board itself is the Clockwork Pi.
But yeah, having it in two part, the clockwork pi on one box event with screen and button, the shell in another box, that would works probably easier as development board.

I do have many dev board that are slightly shaped as game consoles but are clearly sold as dev board (and they don’t come with a box)

Yeah @QuantumKraken is probably right, if you were to sell the Clockwork Pi mainly, have a second product which is just a shell that goes with and a third product which is the combination of two, that could be sold in an easier way as a “dev board”


Everything on Scheduele? @yong @hal


Any kind of delay, especially one that is a month+ really should be sent through kickstarter for the backers. I shouldn’t have to find my way to this board and go through 30 or so comments before I can see some kind of update as to why shipping is delayed and what is going on. It’s a lot easier to send a blast out through kickstarter that gets to EVERYONE as opposed to having individual people have to track this forum down. We were getting updates on stuff I didn’t even really care about before, but now something important like this doesn’t get sent through? Not the best decisions being made there.


The week has come. Let’s pray for good news :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smile:


So, it was annouced in lastest update that delay will be 3 to 5 days. 5 days have passed, so… yeah, where are our shipping numbers? :wink:


Considering timezone and weekends, tomorrow (27th June) is the shipping day, if there are 5 extra work days. Hope everything is going well this week!


Crossing my fingers for shipping news tomorrow :slight_smile:


It is slowly starting to bother me that the clockwork guys do read forum messages and are online, but do not reply to them anymore. I would out of client perspective at least state that there is unfortunately no news yet or something. Ignoring it just makes it worse…