Launcher OTA update release notes?

Is there any place to read the release notes of an update? lists only 1.21 but apparently there was a new release which is not listed here but can be applied via OTA update.

It would be nice to have release notes for every update

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and will be

Every time there is a formal update, it will be posted on the releases page, and the rest will be small changes

1.22 is released

here is some screenshots about the new GSNotify

also if you are interested
you can checkout the readme for more detail










The new GSNotify feature in Launcher 1.22 is pretty cool!

The test script works beautifully, but the time script doesn’t…

When I try to execute manually…

cpi@clockworkpi : ~/apps/launcher/$ sh
No time record 19: [: Illegal number: -

Am I missing something?


bash unixtimestamp

gsnotify will pass a unix timestamp everytime to the script ,in bash ,it’s $1

cpi@clockworkpi : ~/apps/launcher/ $ bash unixtimestamp
expr: syntax error line 19: [: -gt: unary operator expected

I’ve never written any bash code, so I really don’t know the syntax. Perhaps it’s a typo in the published code…


ok ,no problem

the unixtimestamp is actually a number of unix time
like 1534223573

so the code will be

cpi@clockworkpi : ~/apps/launcher/ $ bash 1534223573

if you dont know about bash

python,javascript,even C , is all your choice

Hey there,

I’m sorry, but the problem doesn’t seem to be fixed: FreeDoom gets stuck after a few minutes again and my ROMs which I play with Retroarch are lagging like hell after a few minutes.

For me I have to switch back to 1.21.

Any suggestions?

can you do a md5sum in 1.22?

cpi@clockworkpi:~$ md5sum apps/launcher/

mine is

8942b2ba5f7601aa49737249da43a6da apps/launcher/

I am having the same issues, most of the almost perfectly working emulators have noticeable lag with 1.22 update.

me too @yong @hal