LED Behavior while Charging

It seems from what I am reading, the uConsole LED isn’t supposed to go amber when charging if the device is powered off (though the battery is actually still charging). The amber LED does turn on when the device is powered on while charging, though. Is this the correct behavior.

I ask because I swear the amber LED was coming on when charging even when the device was powered down before I updated the device’s software. After running updates, LED behavior changed to the above. Anyone else have a similar experience?

If the charging led is on, it means some part of the system is powered on. Either you had an improper shutdown or it never booted fully so it was in a “limbo mode”.
Another reason could be that it was the old kernel/software that was not shutting down fully.

That makes sense, thank you! It was likely an out of date kernel keeping the system from shutting down fully.