Lets play Prince of Persia

Would also like to point out that you can walk by holding B and moving. (Hold B FIRST! You’ll take a single step. Good for getting to ledges)

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Obviously my build was a bit broken.

If I follow the Lets play Jazz Jackrabbit post, Jazz all works perfectly well.

The shareware as well as my purchased Jazz Jackrabbit.

Sharp scaling works as well actually, but fuzzy looks nice, too in PoP.

And yeah, had to do a little looking around myself to find how on earth you walk :smiley:

Question: toying with the mod options; now when I fall on spikes I don’t ‘die’ - the game just stays there. What option should I tweak? Any ideas?

Do you guys have other displays than I do on the Gameshell ? The compiled POP starts with 640x400 pixels, however the Gameshell display is 320x240, hence first thing to do would be to change the resolution inside the INI file. Could this not be done directly by correcting the source on github ?

We also have 320x240. I guess it showed the right resolution with me, because I booted with prince full like in @elefas instructions.


As @Oet mentioned above if you followed the instructions it should boot at 320x240 resolution without needing any .ini tinkering.

Thank you guys, guess I need to learn reading first after all :grin:

Thanks so much for the easy instructions on this - this is the game I’ve been playing most on my gameshell so far. It’s a perfect fit for the console!

Perfect. Thanks so much for this. Works great and was very simple to follow.

@elefas and @Nielsvd would you mind if I write a simple installer for Prince Of Persia like I already did for Rick Dangerous, including the icons, give user the choice which one to use and where to place Prince in the Menu (Top, Retro Games or Apps)

If @elefas is ok, feel free to use the icons i made. This goes for every installeer you plan to make :smile:

@sbielmann Sure I am ok! Installing new games/apps is kind cumbersome for non-experienced users (and boring for experienced ones) so an automatic installer would be ideal!

Using Prince of Persia installer script

Like for Rick Dangerous there is now a simple installer script for Prince of Persia. It does the same as @elefas explains here, with @Nielsvd his icon, however automated. Gives you the choice where to install the menu item (top level, Apps or Retro Games). Details about the installer may be found in the README on github

  1. Download the installer script: install-prince
  2. Copy install-prince to /home/cpi on your GameShell
  3. ssh to GameShell
  4. Execute the installer by typing the following line into the console and hit the enter key:
source install-prince
  1. Choose place of menu item and icon
  2. Wait until completed
  3. Remove the installer by typing the following line into the console and hit the enter key:
rm install-prince
  1. As instructed by the installer, either launch RetroArch and quit it again, or reboot GameShell to reload the menu

Hey guys, I’m afraid I’m stuck on this particular level of the game.

I am on the floor switch (see attached), which I assume would open the gate (located on the previous screen) to the next level.

However, I can’t for the life of me seem to find a way to jump back to the other side. I tried run-jumping, as well as standing at the very edge and jumping, but they both fall short (:wink:)

It seems the character needs a bit of runway for run-jumping (I tested it on longer spaces).

I tried different timings of the “left” and “up” buttons but I can only manage to do the “immediate jump forward” and the “run a few steps then jump forward” actions.

It seems it takes a while for the jump action to register so the character is taking a couple of steps forward first, but because of the limited space, he falls over before he could even jump.

Is there a way to decrease the delay of registering button presses? Or am I just missing something on this level?


Hold B (SNES Layout) and you’ll grab the ledge.

A button on the XBOX layout

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So I am missing something! Thanks a lot!

I love Tempest and 1942 game
is possible convert Tempest https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tempest_(video_game)
to C similar PoP ?

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Awesome, it works perfectly.

Any way to play Prince of Persia 2 like this? I loved that too.