Lets Play Streets of Rage Remake

I give up, it still boots me back

Could you post the output of ls -l /home/cpi/games/SoRR please before you do?

-l /home/cpi/games/SoRR

Is this a command?

Nope, the command is:

ls -l /home/cpi/games/SoRR


ls -l /home/cpi/apps/Menu/21_Indie\ Games/42_SoRR/

This is what I got

Ah, one final thing, and I’ll update the instructions.

chmod +x /home/cpi/games/SoRR/bgdi-330

Thanks for following through on this.

No thank you for all your help,

Did that work?

Stuff to make this more then twenty characters so this will post.


Yes it works flawless, thanks again for your patience

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