Street Of Rage Remake on Gameshell



Hi !

I’m trying to run the game on the Gameshell.

Actually it’s running when I type the command ./bgdi-330 SorR.dat directly on a SSH client (I use MobaXterm). The window is displaying on my PC and I can play the game even if it’s very slow.

But when I try to run it diretcly on Gameshell I only have a black screen and return to the menu.

Can anyone help ?

EDIT : By running DISPLAY=:0 ~/games/sorr/bgdi-330 SorR.dat on MobaXterm the game runs on the Gameshell and I can play it !
But no way to run it from the launcher … Why ?


I made it !

Assuming the games is in /home/cpi/games/sorr

The command line is :

cd ~/games/sorr
pushd home/cpi/games/sorr; ./bgdi-330 ./SorR.dat; popd