Street Of Rage Remake on Gameshell

Hi !

I’m trying to run the game on the Gameshell.

Actually it’s running when I type the command ./bgdi-330 SorR.dat directly on a SSH client (I use MobaXterm). The window is displaying on my PC and I can play the game even if it’s very slow.

But when I try to run it diretcly on Gameshell I only have a black screen and return to the menu.

Can anyone help ?

EDIT : By running DISPLAY=:0 ~/games/sorr/bgdi-330 SorR.dat on MobaXterm the game runs on the Gameshell and I can play it !
But no way to run it from the launcher … Why ?

I made it !

Assuming the games is in /home/cpi/games/sorr

The command line is :

cd ~/games/sorr
pushd home/cpi/games/sorr; ./bgdi-330 ./SorR.dat; popd

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Hey to get this running, do I need to grab the Raspi version used by RetroPie or something?

Or is there a place I can compile it from source?

EDIT: I was able to get this working by finding a repo of the game online, grabbing the engine used in retropie-extras, and installing libpng12-0 manually using dpkg (grab the armhf version on here --> then put it on your device and run sudo dpkg -i libpng12-0_1.2.50-2+deb8u3_armhf.deb to install it)

I also had an issue where the launcher wouldn’t load because the script I added was owned by root.

Anyway, the last issue is that the buttons don’t match the GameShell keys. So I guess I’ll need to connect a bluetooth keyboard and get everything configured before it can be played.

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Hey !

Nice to see you can play this wonderful game to :wink:

As I can remind you don’t need to use a keyboard, because you can redefine the controls ingame.

Also I recommand you to install and use the zfteam backlight script. So you’ll be able to set the volume without having to quit the game.

Ah so that’s the thing. It loads up to a language selection screen. There, I can use the D-Pad but all other keys (including the Lightkey ones) don’t seem to map to a ‘confirm’ button.

So without a full keyboard, I think I’ll need a bluetooth keyboard to get into the game and setup the control config.

EDIT: Ah so I couldn’t get the bluetooth to work. But I was able to save a cfg on the desktop version of the game. And then copy the file in “saves” to the appropriate folder on the GameShell.

Hey guys:

here’s a working config that you can put in /home/cpi/games/sorr/savegame –

assumes you have a lightkey installed for things like Police Specials – you can probably edit SHIFT+BUTTON into it though in the game; just got to Editors --> Profile editor

the default profile name is just cpi, but you can edit that if you have a bluetooth keyboard or edit the file using a copy of Streets of Rage Remake on another device, etc.

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I remember I launched the game via SSH with MobaXterm. So I used my PC keyboard to configure the controls.

Thank you man