Makin’ Dope your GameShell! (Get in for Download some ICON Sets)

Just thought I would share my configuration of the menu. I organized everything into its own category at the main menu: Power Off, Games, Music, and Utilities…
PowerOFF Games Music Utilities
This makes the menu much less of a pain because there is less scrolling. All of the stuff that normally goes on the home screen goes in one of these folders.

Games stayed the same for the most part.

Music has the native player and Kodi (Still need to work on getting Kodi to actually work on the tiny screen, but it is in here anyway)

Then the Utilities folder is fixed up and consolidated, no new icons, just a rename of the Commander file utility and a fix for its icon so its the same greyscale value as the rest.
reload Settings FileExplorer TinyCloud


The link to download icons does not work for me. Is there a folder that can be downloaded with icons? where?




Which file do we need to edit to control the background and label color?

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Did you ever get any answers? Wondering this myself.

Not yet. I haven’t had time to crawl through the files on the Gameshell either.

Thanks for the response. I will give it a shot sometime as well and if I figure it out I will let you know!

Hey :slight_smile:
This is my first post and I want to share some icons I’ve created for the gameshell with you.
From time to time I will update this pack and add some new icons.


NESTOPIA_filled Pcsx_filled Sega_filled SNES_filled N64_filled GC_filled

Gameboy_green Gameboy_purple Gameboy_red Gameboy_yellow Gameboy_rose

Gameboy_green_filled Gameboy_purple_filled Gameboy_red_filled Gameboy_yellow_filled Gameboy_rose_filled

GameboyAdvance_purple GameboyAdvance_yellow GameboyAdvance_red GameboyAdvance_blue

GameboyAdvance_yellow_filled-1 GameboyAdvance_yellow_filled GameboyAdvance_red_filled GameboyAdvance_blue_filled GameboyAdvance_purple_filled

gameshell_turquoise gameshell_red gameshell_smokeblue gameshell_yellow gameshell_creme

gameshell_filled_turquoise gameshell_filled_red gameshell_filled_smokeblue gameshell_filled_yellow gameshell_filled_creme

gameshell_filled_smokeblue_zoom gameshell_filled_turquoise_zoom gameshell_filled_red_zoom gameshell_filled_yellow_zoom gameshell_filled_creme_zoom

MAME_stick_outline MAME_green_outline MAME_red_outline

MAME_stick MAME_green MAME_red

pacman_ghost_purple pacman_ghost_yellow pacman_ghost_green pacman_ghost_rose pacman_ghost_red

pacman_ghost_purple_filled pacman_ghost_yellow_filled pacman_ghost_green_filled pacman_ghost_rose_filled pacman_ghost_red_filled

pacman_gh_px_yellow pacman_gh_px_purple pacman_gh_px_green pacman_gh_px_rose pacman_gh_px_red

pacman_ghost_green_filled pacman_ghost_purple_filled pacman_ghost_red_filled pacman_ghost_rose_filled pacman_ghost_yellow_filled

pacman invader

pokeball_3 pokeball_2 pokeball pokeball_4

pokeball_4_filled pokeball_3_filled pokeball_2_filled pokeball_filled

Cube Music Pico PowerOFF Reload%20UI RetroArch tinycloud tube Utils

GBA_grey GBC_grey GC_grey Ghost_grey Ghostpx_grey GS_grey mame1_grey mame2_grey Mamejoy_grey N64_grey NES_grey pokeball_grey PS1_grey sega_grey SNES_grey


Do want, do want, do you have that theme available to download and install?

Just sharing my icons CLOCKWORKPI_ICONS

Message me if you interested :slight_smile:


What if you try putting “20_” as the name instead of “20_DOOM”?

The link to download the icons is not working. Is there an alternate link available?

Hi, can you reup the atari icons, pls? I can’t download them :confused:

None of the links work for me. Not sure why…


the website isn’t working, I clicked on the download button and nothing happens


Same here. My firewall settings have whitelisted the domain and even disabled my VPN to try it. Nothing is working for those links.

Yeah, unfortunately that’s the problem with using file hosting services. They can go away at any time. Better to put files in something more established like Google Drive or Dropbox, etc. but I’m sure they will eventually go away too, just hopefully not so soon.

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I think China has some kind of strict firewall that blocks Dropbox and google drive. I could be wrong. Just I know that people always don’t like it whenever I host something using either of them.
Then again, there’s always proxies. Plus icons should be small enough that the speed hit doesn’t even matter.

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Github seems like a decent place to put stuff too, but there’s more of a learning curve to use it, I guess. It also only really works well for small files. I think there’s a limit of about 25 or 50mb per file? On the plus side, you get versioning/history. (I don’t know how it is in regard to the Chinese firewall.)


Let me know if I can help by hosting stuff, more than willing to help!