Makin’ Dope your GameShell! (Get in for Download some ICON Sets)



Here are some console-specific color icons.

GAMEBOY_photo GBA_photo GBC Genesis_photo NES_photo


Just need an MSX, PSX, and a MAME one like this and you’ve completed my GS :wink:


Since MAME is not a console emulator, I included one with the logo and the one I use with a mock arcade cabinet.

psx_photo MSX_photo mame_logo_color mame_color


Jim Henson would be proud.

Thanks man!


Thank you kanye, very cool


Thanks for inspiring my profile pic. :smiley:


Just threw those color icons on my GS and my OCD is so pleased… uhhhhhhh!!! my man


Glad you like them. Here’s 3 more: SuperFamicom, SuperGrafx, Sega MasterSystem.
That pretty much covers them all I think.

sfc SuperGrafx sms


Is there a way to hide the text underneath an icon? My Icon for doom says doom, I don’t need the text underneath it saying doom as well… it’s bugging me.


Just thought I would share my configuration of the menu. I organized everything into its own category at the main menu: Power Off, Games, Music, and Utilities…
PowerOFF Games Music Utilities
This makes the menu much less of a pain because there is less scrolling. All of the stuff that normally goes on the home screen goes in one of these folders.

Games stayed the same for the most part.

Music has the native player and Kodi (Still need to work on getting Kodi to actually work on the tiny screen, but it is in here anyway)

Then the Utilities folder is fixed up and consolidated, no new icons, just a rename of the Commander file utility and a fix for its icon so its the same greyscale value as the rest.
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