Makin’ Dope your GameShell! (Get in for Download some ICON Sets)



I’d love to have the LSDJ and nanoloop icons, could you upload them somewhere?


Yup made them for fun :wink:


I love your icons, but I refuse to give out my credit card information for the privilege of downloading them…



Thank you, great work!


What? It’s free just click and it’ll be in your downloads. 2018 Google drive, maybe you have too much Spyware in your computer…


Okay… I guess it was the ad that popped up when I clicked the download link. Anything that asks for my credit card info, no mater how innocent, scares me. I just don’t trust these ad supported sites.

Las Vegas


Those are awesome. You should upload them all to the drive. I would love to use the Zelda and Mario icons. You should make some for the Oracle games as well (Metroid and Mega Man would also be cool, just saying… :grinning:).


Hey brotha could you make me a cool PSONE logo for within the “Retro Games” folder? Trying to stick with the main look but add more consoles. Already using 4 of your original ones haha thanks in advance!


Wow!!! How do you make these?


Is it possible for you to make an Atari 2600 icon for those who would like to use the stella emulator on their gs?


Just illustrator and some tracing, images from Google see them run here
Icons and demo



I only made icons for games I play sorry :frowning:
Here are all the ones I made feel free


Can you make a full tutorial of how to make them for the benefit of the forum? (Pictures, videos ect.)


Hi Metalcory. I think this has been asked before, but can you please make a PSone logo? The standard PCSX one looks meh. Your logos in the “GameShell style” look sooo good! :metal:



I know it’s not the prettiest one, but I’ve made a PSone icon – so I guess it’s better than nothing.




good icon
will use it for pcsx


Hi guys I made some icons too for PCSX, DOSBOX and GBA

here they are

Have Fun


Cool! Next step now I see that dosbox will run is setting up monkey island :joy:


Would ScummVM not be better suited for Monkey Island?

Also, excellent game choice :wink:


Good point, nice challenge for this weekend Arrrrr Arrrrr (looking forward to replaying the insult battle with the Swordmaster)