Makin’ Dope your GameShell! (Get in for Download some ICON Sets)





I made some ICONs for Rick Dangerous. I wish you enjoy this. :slight_smile:
XRick%20Gray XRick


made an “Apps” icon. Ive almost installed everything on this forum so my home screen got a little cluttered. Use if you wish!



@aluqard would you mind if I take your icons into my Rick installer script ? At the moment I did only refer to them, I would like to give users the choice which one to use, and also put it on github.


As you wish, I like everyone enjoy all icons I made.


Is it possible to mirror the files on a different hosting site? the site throws up all kinds of virus and malware warnings with my antivirus (nod32) and anti-malware programs (so I can’t download and don’t trust that site enough to disable my av).



Can you make a metal gear logo for nes


Someone throw up a tut for making HQ icons.

I’ll reserve a beer for you.


Atari Lynx



I made this a while ago for a game dev tycoon mod, it’s not formatted for a logo but use it as you wish.


So, how do I change out my icons? I don’t know how to go about switching them out.


Put a png in the same folder as the program you want to set as a icon. make sure the icon matches the same name as the program.


Sorry late to the party, just got mine. Wondering if any of you amazing people have made a Snatcher icon for Sega CD. Don’t think i got the skills… or any early Kojima games would be amazing. MG Policenauts


Hey all, I conned my beautiful wife into banging these up for me, thought I’d share them in case anyone else wanted the same games on their menu screen.

snatcher suikoden


PSX psone icon

UPD. small upgrade


really nice! was looking to complete the home screen. do you have ones for Indie Games, Cave Story, freeDM, PICO-8 & Reload UI?


Hey Friend,

@skywalker101 made a nice coloured Pico8 Logo. You can find it here:

Have a nice day mate!


good stuff! thank you


I made one for Gradius



Gradius in color