Making screenshot of Gameshell

Hello there !

As I already said here I’m currently writing the first article of the community blog.

So I wouldlike to know if there is a way to make some screenshots in the OS to illustrate my tutorials.

Anyone knows ?

Thanks :grinning:

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You could try X11 forwarding to your PC and screen capture from there.

[X11 Forwarding or else how to display GameShell's screen on your pc's desktop]


Yes ! Wonderful !

Thank you

An alternative is to take the screenshot through SSH with xwd -out screenshot.xwd -root -display :0.0 then get it from the GS through FTP and open it with GIMP for converting to JPEG.


Thanks but… Where can I find the file ? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ok… I found it, in /home/cpi/

You can make screenshots via SSH, we already discussed that here: Skin Development!