Will a microsd bigger than 256gb really not work?

I see that on the product listing but I can’t remember the last device I bought that couldn’t use a 1TB microsd… is there a similar limit on the Devterm?

EDIT: I’ve got a CM4 unit on order (I have the CM4 myself and will pop in) so based on early comments it should be fine to use a 1TB card.

I’ve been using a 400GB card on the Devterm and it works fine. I doubt the uConsole has such a limit.

EDIT: as @USFrozen pointed out below, it may depend on the model. Both A06 and CM4 on Devterm have no issue with 400GB. I don’t own an R01 so haven’t tested that – it may have the limit.

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That is a good question, but I suppose that will depend on the model you got… The Pi4 supposedly supports up to a 2tb microSD.


I would say it depends on which SD family they support

So my guess is that all cores probably support up to 2TB because they should support SDXC, as SDHC is up to 32GB and people have been using 64GB and so on most cores

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Hello gang! I still waiting for the graal and i wonder if a 512Gb or 1T micro SD card could fit with the uConsole? I may ask for guys who received there Uconsole…

my 256gb card works. That’s the biggest one I own.


I’m sorry to say I’ve barely touched mine since it came. Ending up with a dead pixel was a buzzkill, that basically sucked all my enthusiasm for messing around with it right away.

I totally understand you pain man….sorry to read this. Can you manage maybe to order a new screen from Alex? I read also some people received package missing part. Total deception after waiting so long!!

Based on previous posts from customers who were either missing parts or received damaged parts, if you reach out to Alex I think it’s very likely they’ll just send you a brand new screen to replace the one with the dead pixel.

(But they never read posts on the forum, so unless you email them directly, I doubt you’ll get any resolution to this at all.)