My piece of advice

Dear all,

I love the Game Shell as well so lovely. I like the process I need to DIY the shell. When the process done, I think the white wire is a bit hard to make it feel good looking, and a bit messy. I think all you do is done the best. But I think make some wire plugging a bit easy manage. Because I think the module changing in one off as well. That’s because I like tidy things (bad habit). And if more easy to change or add on for later on. So I think that could be easy to change to the other.
I am thinking to could that the back cover have some wire track for the wire? or the wire is thin, more stretchable? and the wire track in back cover is more easy to install. When changing the module will easy to make, I found when i missing something, make change is nearly need to remove all module out and re-install again.
I am not an expert of product design. But this is my piece of advice. So hope you become better better and better. Because I love your design. I love your concept. even I am thinking the SD-card easy to change, so I can change the OS anytime.


Thank you! @pakulun
That is a very good piece of advice. I’m sure our development team will be inspired by your idea.