Might be a good CM4 replacement--Orange Pi CM4-compatible development board: powered by RK3566

Powered by RK3566, priced from ¥119 CNY(Not more than $20).

香橙派推出 Orange Pi CM4 开发板:搭载 RK3566,售价 119 元起 - IT之家 (ithome.com)


I hope it works because I just bought one :grimacing:

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I suspect the WiFi won’t work as it has a bit of a special interface. At least it will need some coding to get there. The communications with the power supply are likely in question also. I picked up a CM4S module that will plug directly in without an adapter. It does boot and the keyboard/mouse work just fine. No WiFi or comms to the power supply. The mapping of pins isn’t the same as with the adapter. Still working to see if I can remap the pins and make it work. Long ways to go.

Well that stinks because it cost me $100 AUD

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I am just saying it won’t work out of the box, it is possible to modify the drivers. I am looking into that with the CM4S. Still have a ways to go, but I think I can make it work.

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Unfortunately, RK chips are not supported in the mainline kernel, and we’ve been receiving promises for over two years. Consequently, this means you’ll be stuck with a rather outdated kernel (around version 5.10.110) and subpar vendor support. It would be great to see the same board but equipped with an RK38** chip, as this would make it more reasonable to prioritize performance over support.

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I was just looking into this… the socket is a pin match… chip has more “workload” speed… a little cooler (but in testing the heatsync only helped the pi cm4 does nothing for orangepi… and worse graphics performance… (using tensorflow lite) But it was their first time doing graphics performace on a SBC… so may be just… poor testing…
As others have stated though… you will be missing on a bit of raspi app support…
you can see a whole comparison here… Banana Pi CM4 Review (Compute Module 4) - bret.dk

i was thinking maybe about a radxa cm5, it has a 3588S iirc

I have tried the Orange Pi CM4 in the uconsole.
The cpu just gets hot. No video output from the screen as expected, but also no output from the HDMI.

This was with orange pi debian and arch images.

might need swd for proper debugging

is this just loading the images and trying to run? because… if it is… the outputs on the mainboard … i believe hdmi0 is skipped… hdmi1 is the output and LCD is connected to the screen connector… DSI-1

Well, I see no signs of life.
Nothing on the LCD, or HDMI output.
It just gets quite warm.

I’ll have to enable serial console, and see if it talks over that when powered up in the uconsole

if it like the cm4 piOS… you do need a custom /boot/config.txt




unfortunately… some of those dtoverlay stuff problably refernces kernel patch changes…
panel-uc… and ignore lcd are problably important for activating the DSI and skipping first hdmi for the second… but i i am just guessing because i haven’t looked at the patch first hand… one or 2 people have patched the cm4 they problably know…