Mod: Kickstand as Wi-Fi/LTE Antenna?

Something I was going to have a play with at a later date (like many others) was to replace the antenna’s on the UConsole, as while the performance is generally adequate - I struggle to get decent signals in some parts of the house.

I was looking at the kickstand on the UConsole and was thinking it could maybe be adapted with some clever wire wrapping and some strategically placed insulation (heatshrink?) to act as a pair of antenna if section was out halfway & bonded with a non conductive material?

I was going to order few bit in over the next couple of days - but just thought I’d throw the idea out there for brainstorming - Is it feasible, or a non starter because of…?

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Making the kickstand an antenna would have been a cool engineering move. My understanding is that you need the antenna to be a certain size or shape to function correctly, so the odds of a random bent piece of metal working well is low.

Just looking at it, I’m not sure if there’s a good place to run a wire along it. I guess you’d want it above one of the ‘legs’, but I feel like that could make it wobbly.

Have you tried using a thick piece of double sided tape or Sugru to give the antenna just a bit more distance from the case? I’ve found that works fairly well.

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check my post, maybe it’ll help with your reception problems

As for the kickstand antenna idea - you would need certain length of monopole. Obviously best you could have would be plastic beacuse every metal would interfere and worsen the actual signal. This plastic shaped as stand should be hollow or anyhow incorporate said antenna inside.

Given that λ = c/f,, and we know c being speed of light and f is our 2.4Ghz, ideal length for fullwave antenna will be 12.5 cm. There are halfwave- and quarterwave-antennas but if possible you want to go full lenght.

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