Mupen64 - N64 Emulator running


Will definitely do, but currently there’s a ton of work to do. Interestingly my mupen64 performance was pretty good out of the box - I have huge problems with the Z-buffer and blitting though… (OS 0.3, Lima/Fbturbo, Rice)


How do you choose what video plugin do you want to use? Maybe in my case mupen64 isn’t using the Rice video plugin even if I copied the config file you pasted above.

On the other hand I don’t think that export DISPLAY=:0; it’s needed in the case of @lasvegas because he’s actually opening the emulator from the launcher, not from the ssh session.


Following man page you just use —gfx plugin. Plugin name is the same as the source folder.

Two they are combined to one within this editor.

Rice has been standard setting.


I already tried. No difference at all. Apparently it was running with Rice since the beginning.

@lasvegas In case you wanna try, I already uploaded my deb files:

@Hawanna If you could run this in your ./sources folder it would be of help:


export DISPLAY=:0 is only necessary from SSH since that isn’t running on the display. it’s unnecessary within the script since it’s already active.


The deb files worked! I have video now, but it’s very slow and choppy. Not really playable. I’m going to look at the config file to see is I can adjust fps or something. Also, I want to change the exit key from escape to backspace to prevent accidental exiting.

I couldn’t find the ./sources directory to put the into.


That sources folder should be inside the mupen folder created by the installer shell script shared by Hawanna. If you put my script inside that folder you should be able to make your own deb files from the core and other plugins.


@Hawanna It’s been a while since the last time you posted.

Any news on this? Could you please use my script and share with us your wonderful builds? Or do you want to keep them just for you? It’s just 5 minutes for you and it would mean the world for the rest of us.


Hey there,

you can bet I will. I am very sorry for the delay but there are some heavy things going on here on my side right now. I try to peek into that tonight but can’t promise anything.

I’ll definitely need your help to get this z-buffer working. No need to worry about keeping my secrets. :wink:

+1 for gif


he aint running a emulator(at least not on his switch ) hes streaming his pc to his switch by abusing the browserhack all of this is played on pc and just streamed to the browser


Hey. What the heck are you talking about? This is not a Nintendo Switch forum nor we are talking about emulating Nintendo 64 on Nintendo Switch.


Come on dude, get the hell out… :unamused:

@doodom I think he claims that @Hawanna’s video is a fake, that he is actually streaming the game from his PC on his … “switch” (??! Gameshell actually). He signed up to the forum just to say that : this guy is retarded…


@Dowdheur I already understood what he wrote and I noticed he just registered for this.

What I don’t get is why he thinks this is a Nintendo Switch forum or how can it be that he actually saw the videos posted by @Hawanna and thought that gaming device in the video was a Nintendo Switch. You have to be really high to see any physical similarities between a GameShell and a Nintendo Switch.

What I’m trying to say in a nutshell is that some people on the Internet should doble check the doble W (what and where) before posting anything stupid.:man_facepalming:

PS: I accidentally discovered that the :man_facepalming: emoji in Discourse is actually a woman and not a man. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?


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