My GameShell came preassembled

I just got the GameShell as a gift via Amazon (sold by clockworkPI) and after unboxing I discovered it was already mostly assembled. The picture is everything after emptying the boxes. I’m pretty bummed as I was really looking forward to putting it together.

That’s really strange. Did it come directly via Amazon as a gift? Or did someone order it for you then gift it to you personally (possibly partially assembling it ahead of time for you)?

If it came directly, it sounds like it could have been a returned unit that didn’t get sorted or something. Was there any indication from the packaging that it had been opened before (aside from the assembled pieces of course)?

Yea, it did come directly from Amazon and had the gift receipt. The return address was listed as clockworkPI out of Las Vegas, NV.

I think you are right in that it was likely a returned unit. I did take a closer look at the packaging and the clockworkPI branded tape that was originally used to seal the outer packaging (brown box) had been resealed with a different tape.

The bummer part is that Amazon is out of stock now and it looks like the delivery time from clockworkPI is around 15 business days.

Hi @bcrawford,

Welcome to our community, did get this case solved?