New GameShell kit -- waiting room




The upgrade board arrived in the Netherlands. And of course I upgraded the GameShell with the new motherboard today. :wink:


I just got mine today as well! It works well, but not as much speed improvement as I expected. Still playing around with the HDMI interface…


Just got the email!

Dear all,

Happy New Year! the year BLADE RUNNER, AKIRA and THE RUNNING MAN are all set in :wink:

For all the people who ordered our new GameShell in 2018, your package has been submitted to the China Custom for export now.

Because of the amount of packages and impact of the holidays, the Custom and our shipping partner need about 1-2 weeks to process the packages, we estimate most of you will be able to receive the packages in January.

Everything goes smoothly, you will receive a tracking number in about 1-2 weeks.

In case you really need to change the shipping address or contact info during this time, please contact the shipping company (DHL or FedEx) directly with your tracking number, they should be able to arrange the change more efficiently.

Again, thank you very much for your patience and your support, have fun hacking and gaming with GameShell!

Don’t forget our GameShell users around the world and the wonderful community: where you could find almost all the information and much more…

May the new year brings all the good things in life you deserve.

Your clockwork team.

BTW: We have just launched the first GameShell Game Jam, we would like to encourage everyone who is interested in indie game development to participate and win prizes! let’s share your unique creativity with all of us!


Got those e-mail too. Great news! Thanks to all the Team!!!
Full of snow and frosty Moscow is waiting ))


Just saw “The Retro Future” 's video.

That’s a bit confusing they forgot to send the battery… :confused:

I really hope they will avoid making such mistakes in the future !


I saw that too. It’s a little alarming😒


Hello there !

We are Jannuary the 15th now. Did someone here alreadu received the tracking number ?


Nope… Nothing unfortunately :pensive:


Nor I. Still waiting on shipping confirmation.


Still waiting…:sleepy:


also waiting. seems possible now it will not be in January.


i am waiting the shipping too,
i watch the ETA PRIME video the gba emulate is so bad :roll_eyes:


gPSP_libretro used to emulate GBA 100% perfect.

Something has since happened and the emulator won’t even run. No one seems to care lol I’ve been trying to get it to work for a week.


waiting intensifies*


Why does not it perfectly emulate the GBA? I think that with the processor that has the GameShell should be able to perfectly emulate even PSX and some N64 games, right?

  1. just because GBA is not “so” simple to emulate.
  2. retroarch is no fully optimized for the GameShell right now. But actually you can find a build of gpsp here in this forum that have better performances.


Guys… if you would actually look around and read articles, and look at new posts… you will see that it DOES emulate GBA 100% fine. I have posted links to the emulator and links to video proof… come on.

I also linked. Perfect copy of PCSX and a version of SNES that runs at 60fps. (54fps was the worst on Mario RPG)


Thanks man you know what’s up


No prob, bro.
It’s you who needs to be thanked !

When I’ll receive my GS I’ll try to centralize all the ressources we can have to make it work better.

Maybe we should create an (un)officialy community blog or something.