New GameShell kit -- waiting room



I also live in Spain and I should have received it today if it wasn’t for my mother rejecting the package due to not knowing what it was and the elevated custom fees.

They ask for the money after ringing your door. In my case 46,22 euros in cash. Just be prepared.


I’ll have to work a couple of hours. But not the whole day! Lol I can’t wait to get to work


I received it this morning, and in my case it was € 50.99. It is clear that DHL charges what it wants through customs. In short, it’s time to pay and enjoy now.


Bought mine on the 19th of January and it will be delivered today! It was shipped via FedEx, and I was supposed to get it last Friday, but I wasn’t able to sign for it.

Just thought I would update this so people can see semi-current delivery estimates here.


i hate to be that guy and i know we have search. but, i’m new here so go easy on me, lol. my gameshell is out for delivery and i cant wait to receive and build it. after i’m done putting it together, what are the recommended next steps?


I’d say, call in sick tomorrow and enjoy it :sweat_smile::call_me_hand:


Seattle ongoing snowpocalypse delayed the delivery to tomorrow :frowning:


I would say the very first next step is to turn it on and explore. Then read up on installing games and fine tuning your GameShell here in the forums. Take your time and write down steps that you’ll need again in the future.


I received my gameshell and my gameboy zero! Don’t think I’ll get too much sleep tonite…:man_shrugging:t5:


I received mine today, one day in advance. I built in about half an hour ^^
Start to play around and it seems fine.
Be sure I’ll make a tutorial “beginner’s friendly” with what to do with your new gameshell on the brandly new community blog .

I’ll make a post when all will be ready


Received mine today. Actually went to retrieve it from local FedEx ship center because they required signature and it probably would have end up being shipped back, because they couldn’t get in contact with me.

Anyway, love it. I feel it’s much better than my retrostone. I can actually read the freakin’ text. Just gotta figure out how to add the emulators now and of course expand the partition. My Gparted, actually errored out when attempting to expand the ext4 partition.

Fun fun fun.


LOL, congratz! Keep us posted on the dual between them :slight_smile:


I got mine yesterday and finished putting it together shortly before bed. Had fun toying around with the included stuff, but already messed something up I think by running apt-get update :frowning: Now I need to figure out how to install the newer OS :slight_smile:


After a long period of no changes on the DHL status page (stuck at “En route to DHL ECommerce”) now DHL no longer shows any thing:
Sorry, your tracking attempt was not successful. Please check your tracking number or select one of the options below.

I’d appreciate if anyone from the clockworkpi team wants to weigh in on what might be going on and who I need to contact in order to straighten this out.


I have the same issue. DHL states they do not track postal shipments. If the package was transferred from DHL to US Postal, this could cause the tracking to be inoperative. If this is true, at least it is North America.


Thanks @mike120000 I’ll wait until next week and then enter panic mode (just kidding, but I will inquire where it is and how to get my kit).
This actually follows fairly logically and then I suppose it will be just a few business days for USPS to deliver the package to my house.


Got mine the day before :star_struck: :sparkler:


After having to provide more info since the package got stuck in customs, it finally arrived today!


Just got mine this morning! Thanks to Yong at Clockworkpi for updating my tracking number. DHL’s updated tracker said I’d get it yesterday, so when it estimates your delivery date it is an estimate. If you haven’t gotten yours yet be patient. It is most likely being delivered as intended it just takes a while. Having selected the Parcel post service I knew it would be slower too.