The UK Fellowship of the Limbo Parcel



Hey all UK people who like me are waiting for their parcel to exit the limbo, you are welcome to come here and show how angry you are :slight_smile:


You will feel probably a bit better after :slight_smile:


Thankfully my frustration has been instead directed at the weather for the past few weeks!


Indeed. GameShells better not turn up in the UK for a few weeks otherwise they will melt.


Awwww man where is the bloody thing! It’s been sitting in NL since the 19th apparently. Makes me want to cry. I’ve emailed the help team and included yong in many of my posts but I don’t seem to be getting any response. Hopefully it’s resolved soon as I’m moving out my house in two months :joy:



There’s definitely something wrong with the UK orders. I’ve just got a reply from PostNL advising that they can’t provide me with any update on the parcel because they’re just a gateway for the parcel - which is odd considering that it said it’s been received at the acceptance centre and not provided any further updates yet others have had updates such as it being sorted and on transport to the local delivery company.

I just got off the phone to Royal Mail and they checked their internal system because they said it gets logged through customs that it’s coming through and they’ve not received anything. So it seems like PostNL are fobbing us off.

@yong and @hal we need assistance please as PostNL are telling us we need to contact either the sender or the local delivery company (we’ve all contact PostNL and our local delivery companies to no avail). Can you speak with PostNL about the UK orders as nothing is coming through at all. I’ve emailed the help email too the other day and haven’t received a response.


What do you mean? that despite RM website saying “don’t know about”, RM internal system knows about the tracking number that things went though customs?
Which customs???!!


From what I understood from the conversation, they check the same tracking site we use but they also have an internal system they can check which can see items that are booked in for customs that are due to arrive in the UK but she said nothing was booked in.

I’ve asked PostNL to look further into the situation as I’m not the only person and other people have had further updates from them even though there just a pass through hub but they’ve just came back saying we need to speak to the sender as they cant provide any other updates.

But no-one is replying to me either on here or by email so who knows when they’ll even arrive. Of course I want it but I’m not so bothered about the delay, I’m more bothered about the fact that this could potentially be lost or something yet theres no-one helping us.


I start to wonder if we are discussing with the proper “PostNL” o_o
The tracking number has been issued by them, they must have more information about the parcel.

What I don’t understand is that their tracking have some information, it does not come from nowhere…


Furthermore people receiving their GS in other countries have tracking entries showing the parcel going through their sorting centres. I doubt only the UK consignments are “gateway”.



PostNL: Liars:

“The benefits of PostNL Gateway to Europe”

  • A minimum of 3 tracking updates throughout the delivery process <- truth we got at least 3 :unamused:
  • Reliable and affordable service <- reliable is a lie
  • Fast end to end delivery in 4-7 working days <- lie

It is been more than 7 day in limbo now.

They should be able to explain what “Consignment received at the PostNL Acceptance Centre” actually mean. If the palette with all of the UK boxes has been forgot in a corner of their warehouse, they have to admit it. And that tracking entry mean that our boxes has been scanned at some point.

Interestingly some UK parcel (and one of the two tracking we can see in CPI photos) is stuck in “ready for shipment” like if they moved all the UK parcel on one side and stock to scan them/work with them.


Unfortunately there isn’t much more we can do from this end, the shipping company clockworkPi is using will have to make the enquiry.


There’s nothing we can do at all - no-one is replying to us.


I sent them a message on Facebook last night, here is the response I received this morning;

We are also very confused. We have already asked the service provider yesterday that the feedback we received was that the goods were in transit and should be received by the users in these two days. If the UK backers are still not received in the next two days, we will take further action.

I guess we have to sit tight for a few more days :-/


Who was this you’d messaged? Yong and Hal? If so then that’s promising that they’re listening at least. Hopefully it’s resolved soon. I’m taking it we won’t hear anything until Monday/Tuesday now though.


I sent the message to the Clockworkpi Facebook page, i’m not sure who answered it.



Thanks for this! I tried looking for one yesterday but for some reason didnt find one and only came across Yong and Hals profiles which I didnt want to message.


Backer from UK here, stuck with my tracking from 12th of July at “package ready for shipment”. This information appears both on PostNL and 17tracking website.

I contacted clockwork on Kickstarter and they basically told me that "our shipping providers told us that the packages are in transit from NL to UK yesterday and it should arrive “very soon”.

If you go on the Royal Mail website they will say they can’t recognise the tracking number. Usually they don’t know about a given parcel until they don’t have the parcel on the territory. Now, PostNL is saying the package is ready for shipment, which means they are ready to receive the parcel, which means, our parcels are still on their way to… You get it… Netherlands. Now… I don’t know if they should have arrived by now, probably not, but some of us from UK got some more tracking info than “package ready for shipment”. Like for example mine does not have the “package arrived at consignation” like some do have. So there’s still some hope, maybe there were 2 batches of UK parcels and some are still on the way from China? I don’t know… this is really frustrating.


Mine says it’s been received at the acceptance centre in NL since the 18th so mine is in a “more advanced” stage than yours as they apparently have it or had it. But its no-qhere to be seen. No updates from anywhere. RM dont have it booked into customs on their internal system so it’s , as far as I’m concerned, either lost or PostNL are messing about and for some reason haven’t sorted them.

Someone in the UK has an update on the RM website saying that they have their parcel. RM wouldnt just get one parcel from a large batch such as this. It’s all very weird.


Sad part is, clockwork is being lied by their shipping providers that the packages are in transit from Netherlands to UK, while PostNL says they don’t have any of the packages. If what they said is true, about the fact that PostNL is just a hub, then maybe the whole trip was actually China - PostNL (where you get an update on your tracking number) - UK (royal mail), where again it will update saying they got the package. If that’s the case then everyone was mislead into thinking the parcels were in the Netherlands where instead they were in transit to the country (which obviously means no tracking info). PostNL says ready for shipment because they know they will get some parcels and they are ready to sort and ship them, they just don’t have them yet and they have no way in seeing where they are either… Which makes this even more worrysome since clockwork’s providers keep saying ‘in transit’ or ‘very soon’ (and they said they are in transit from NL to UK which again is wrong and a definite lie).