New GameShell kit -- waiting room



We will see what we can do to speed this thing up for you. Pls. write to to let us know latest development. Thanks!


I’m in the US. Am I going to have to pay customs? My package is still saying it’s in Lantau island. But it’s scheduled to be delivered Monday???


I’m in the US and I just got a package update saying mine landed in Alaska not too long ago. I’m using fedex. I don’t think you have to pay customs in the US


Thanks for the update. I see that mines is in the same place too. I can’t wait for Monday.


I got news yesterday that mine is in australia, not in my state but not far, hopefully should get it this week!


No change for my order# 10980. No change from DHL. Where the heck is DHL E-COMMERCE?:tired_face:

Friday January, 18 2019

  • 01:22 PST



Mine landed in Tennessee last night. Not sure it will make it here by Monday, but glad to see it state side.


DHL Germany Update:
Customs status updated
February, 03 2019 10:50 Local Time

Estimated Delivery Date
February, 04 2019 - By 22:00

Further Detail
Shipment has been given a release by Customs.

Can’t wait. :smiley:


My FedEx delivery was updated this morning to say that my package will be delivered today! Previously this was scheduled for tomorrow here in the UK.



Today I needed to pay 47€ that I didn’t expect at all. Raising the total price of the console to more than 215€. If I knew this before hand I would not have bought the console at all. 130€ for the console and 85€ of delivery + customs. What a joke.


Make sure you are angry at the right people, your government, and not the clockwork company.


agreed that delivery and custom fees could be more obvious on the website but when you saw you had to pay for customs you could have cancelled the whole thing at that point, surely?


me too! high five! :raised_hand:


Just received my delivery from Fedex a day early! I didn’t have any custom charges to pay (UK). Maybe I was just lucky?


Depends on who you are I guess. I dont think anyone in the US besides hawaii and alaska have to pay those either


yay it has arrived. but i am at work… booo… :disappointed:


finally! :pray:


I got mines delivered to my job. Lol. So I’ll be putting mine together at work in my office. :slight_smile:


yeah so did i but i have to do work… and it’s just sitting there… taunting me…


Mine is due to arrive today by 8pm it says… And I literally just saw the FedEx truck pass my house without delivering anything :frowning: