New GameShell kit -- waiting room



Guys, I read the forum from time to time and I’m more or less aware of the news. I had read what GBA was now perfectly emulable with the file that had joined Micro007 (as he says, in many posts he mentioned). However, this doubt arises from the simple fact of “power” that in theory has the GS, I find it odd that it has problems emulating certain platforms. I expected a response like “It’s because RetroArch is not well optimized in GameShell because …” or things of the style that escape my knowledge. Anyway, I apologize if my question has not been very lucky or has bothered someone. A greeting.


No no all good man. I just see a lot of false information being perpetuated and I don’t want the rep of this unit to be tarnished by misinformation!!


It’s not misinformation to say that GBA emulation out of the box seems to be crap, and the customer has to take steps to research and implement a solution.

I hope the fix discussed here really works - but I need to wait to recieve my GS to validate it.


Lemme know if you need a hand setting it up man.

I put a video up of it running 3 different titles at 60fps


Troubleshooting issues like this is exactly what I thought I would be getting into when I purchased my GameShell. I figured a DIY console would attract people who will immidiately open up a terminal and start hacking at things when they aren’t working just right. :grin:


i am checking my mail every hour waiting for the tracking number, hummmmmm:thinking:


I am the same as you, and they are going to meet the two weeks that I put in the email that we received on January 6 …


They’ve been really flakey with responses to me. I’m starting to have my doubts if they’re shipping these on time.


I just got an email from them saying my package was sent to the shipping company and tracking number will be emailed to me next week.


When did you order yours?


I ordered mine on Nov. 5th


I ordered mine November 4th and have yet to receive an email from them about shipping.


Does anyone wanna play CSGO while we wait for this


I’m sorry. The last few days of shipping are always a bit messy.
We have sent all orders (#<11176) to our shipping company for exporting procedures this week.
They should send you FedEx/DHL tracking numbers next week when packages start to move.
Thanks for your supports and patience.


I’m 11025. yay! :grin: adding more characters…


11115 YEET! I thought I wouldnt make it in that order range but I did :slight_smile:


#10902 :smiley:

That’s nice :smiley:


Aww devastated #11177


And the wait continues… I wonder if I’ll get it in time for my vacation on the 6 th of February… Otherwise I’ll have to contact FedEx/DHL and somehow get someone else to sign for it with my approval somehow… :pensive:

BTW, could someone start a thread “Gameshell for dummies”? Would be nice as I think some of us have never used Linux and really need help how to get emulators and games on the GS… The more threads I read with all the code and stuff the harder all of it seams! I wish it was drag and drop… :see_no_evil:


I’m just waiting to grab mine and I’ll do it ^^

I asked to clockwork’s permission to create an official noob-friendly blog for gameshell.

I think this is the first step to make it rise