New review by ETA Prime!

Im still sad about the GBA emulation

I’ve always liked handhelds more than home consoles.

OMG. I bought one on November just to play GBA and Mega Drive games!

Should I cancel my order? this is so disappointing. I thought the Gameshell performed like a Raspberry Pi 3.

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Why cancelling it?

You don’t need the GPU to emulate a GBA or a Megadrive, they work reasonably well in the current state.
The ClockworkPi is a brand new product, the community (here) is still young, give it some time to mature a bit more (it took years for the RaspberryPi to be in the current state and the GPU driver was not that great at the beginning for 3D)

This is a community project mainly, that’s up to us to make it shine. The Clockwork Pi/Gameshell is not one of this “ready made emulator machine” you can find, it is a full fledge system that just wait for us to shine. (and emulation is not its main use, it is just one of the multiples thing it can do!)


I understand what you say Godzil. I’m a Linux user for more than 15 years and use and compile RetroArch since almost the beginning. The main (and probably only) use of the GameShell for me it’s RA though.

Is there any fork of RetroArch and it’s cores specifically made for the GameShell anywhere? or it’s using the upstream ARM version for now? is a targeted version of RA planned?

For the official build @guu is the one to ask.

You can also look at the RetroArch Megathread as it have all the information for the community build version

Hmm. Someone says that compiling one core on the GameShell itself gave a performance boost. It would be pretty useful to have the GameShell added as a platform on the buildbot in that case, like the “classics” did not long ago:

GBA works fine don’t cancel your order just get the right file. I posted it all over the place today with a video.

@Micro007 Please provide some links please?

Sure thing

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I seriously think about create a blog with some “n00b friendly” tutorials about the GS.


Please do! That would be very appreciated :pray::+1::blush:

Awesome! I can’t live without Wario Land 4 :slight_smile: what about Mega Drive?

I have a couple mega drive games. They are a little choppy. It’s more an audio issue, I think. Buildbot needs to do some serious work to all of its emulators, or the community here can tweak them.

Saying the Clockwork Pi is not mature is a little misleading. It’s an AllWinner board with a Mali 400 GPU. There have been other SoCs with the same GPU in the past (e.g. the C.H.I.P). The state of the GPU driver is the way it is possibly because of the waning interest in a GPU from 2008.

That being said, I’m still excited for mine to come since it can play the majority of consoles I’m interested in packaged in a neat form factor.

Metroid Fusion at 60fps some people were asking if this game is playable.


Nice! That one looks like a fun game! :blush::+1:

I wouldn’t cancel your orders just yet, hopefully it’ll just take a bit of time for better optimized emulators to come out. I was a wee bit disappointed with the performance of the emulators on the Gameshell, but just try out the PSX emulator and it’s amazing. Gran Turismo and Castlevania SOTN run perfectly. For now though, my go to hand held is still my GCW Zero. No complaints about any of the emulators on that machine, nice smooth performance and no problems with sound. However it’s a pretty old handheld and as far as I can see it’s not really supported much now.

One querey, are there any Gameshell specific emulators or are most of them just Retroarch emulators? just wondering how or if gameshell optimised emulators would be integrated.

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Really looking forward trying out developing on this machine…

I’ve never tried the gcw zero. But the gpd x plus is really good too