Newly purchased ClockWork Pi will not power on

I just received my clockwork pi via parcel but after i put it together completely(whilst following the instructions), the moment of truth arrived and i attempted to power it on but the device itself did not power on. Unfortunately i assembled this on my lunch break so i wasn’t able to sit down and attempt to charge it before writing this. Could this be a possibility that this device needs to be charge before use? I also am going to take it apart once again whenever i return from work to see if something is loose. Just figured i would create this topic to get some early feedback.


Did you flash the system into the sd card? It wont start without that step

The sd card should come with the system loaded. @Morzhar, please follow instruction on topics like this:

First rule out assemble and cable connection issues, try power it on by USB only, then try that reset button on the mainboard, if problem persists, try re-flash the system as @kekoponte suggested.

Finally, if none of the above helps, write an email to, we will help you get a replacement part.