DevTerm A06 not booting

Hi everyone,

I have received and mounted my DevTerm A06 a few days ago.

I don’t know if my assembly is correct, as when I start the device (both with batteries or with a USB-C cable), the LED becomes green, but the fan is never spinning and the display never shows something.

Here is a photo of my assembly:

Do you have any idea on what I could have done wrong?


Tons of things could have gone wrong. But green leds are good - power is getting to the carrier board. The fan won’t spin at boot, and even when it does you can barely hear it.

Try the easiest thing first:

  • Flash a different SD card and try again. Booting is slow and the screen seems dead for a while, then boot text should appear. It can feel like several minutes.
  • Next easiest thing to try is re-seat the display connector.