No Product update, track number, etc

I’m having the same problem trying to get any response from them. I tried the help@clockworkpi and biz@clockworkpi plus Facebook. No answer. My order is # 12675

I’m in the same situation myself.
Neither of their support email addresses respond to queries.
Not a good impression so far.
I will be forced to take legal action soon.

What’s sad is I’m on day 15 NOW
The customer service is atrocious

I also contacted their Twitter so we’ll see

Hi, would you please to tell me your order number? I’ll check it.

The order number is 12719

can you cancel my order - 12719
I no longer trust your site…
If i do not hear back within 24hours i will be taking legal action via paypal

How long have you been waiting? If it’s under two weeks, I’d say give it a few more days. :slight_smile:

I waited over a month for mine to turn up (but I’m in Australia). Patience people. This device is worth it. Legal action is unnecessary

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Woo! Another Australian. I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but at least for me (in Western Australia) one month is pretty much the standard re: delivery. I remember tracking it, seeing it in the eastern states for at least half of the time.
Sometimes, you can pretty much blame the postal service; not the supplier.

On a related note, that’s strange you didn’t get a tracking number. My experience was:

  • Ordered on the 9th on a Sunday.
  • Got confirmation email immediately saying the package will ship within 15 business days, ie 3 weeks. This is international express.
  • Confirmation email came on the 15th on a Saturday, including a FedEx tracking number.
  • Package arrived on the 21st on a Friday. Leading up to this, I was able to track it at every stop.

Yeah I didn’t get any tracking notification for a long while either, and mine was also international express too. Pretty sure it came via sea freight (because there is a battery inside I don’t think it can get air freight)

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I had to go through pestering the right people and got mine (USA here)

Mine was ordered on 2/2/2022. Still waiting on a tracking number. Receipt #1026-5986.

The original order receipt tells me to contact with any questions.

Each order also lists that it could take up to 60 business days. There is a ton of international economics drama taking place at the moment which is the reason for the delay.