Wait shipping my order (#10961)


my order no shipped yet ?
in the website no have option for check the status of my order.
please i need information, my number order is #10961.


Your order will be shipped in this week or next week latest. Tracking number will be sent to you when it’s shipped.


ok i wait.
thanks my friend.


My order number is slightly lower than yours so I assume this week or next holds true for its shipment as well. Thanks for asking the question @badboyluc

To the clockworkpi team: May you could just post ranges to the forums of which order numbers are shipping or pending so that way we all have a bit clearer picture on when to expect the deliveries?


Mine is like 900 lower than yours…I guess they’ll all ship at the same time more or less :+1:


My number is 10448. I hope we do get some sort of confirmation really soon. Waiting sucks


Yup, it sure does…
I hope to get it in time as I’m going away on the 6th of February and I’m sure I’ll need some time to understand how to add emulators and roms :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:


Hello friends.
I am also waiting for my Gameshell (order # 10239) that I hope to receive next week. I would like to know if there is a tutorial in the forum for first steps to install everything necessary to start (RetroArch, for example, with its different cores). I hope it’s not too complicated and we can all be enjoying the machine in a very short time!
A greeting from Spain!


How did you check your order number?


You can see the order number in the email you received when you paid the GameShell.


Im trying to find the email in my inbox but cant seem to find it. Could you post the subject header?


The headar says “Thanks for shopping with us (#your order number)”
Just search for Clockwork among your emails.


I found it thank you!


I just opened dispute on paypal and I already received the refund.
Excessive delay for shipping, I am very disappointed with the service provided by Clockwork.
good luck to new buyers, they will need it.


I’m sorry. Last few days of shipping are always a bit messy.
We sent all orders (#<11176) to our shipping company for exporting procedures this week.
They should send you FedEx/DHL tracking numbers next week when packages start to move.


Thx for the news.
My order is 10312.
So im in the pack :wink:


Mine is #10033 and when I order clockwork PI, it has been said that mine will be shipped in December. I contacted early January for tracking number and they said they will provide the next week. Until now, I have not received a tracking number? My order number seems to be be far lower than the rest of tracking number mentioned here.


10924 I ordered it in the month of December. Anyone with the same order batch?


Mine is #10010… I think we are all in the same boat :ferry::blush:… Or maybe I should say ON the same boat… :see_no_evil:


Hahaha :speedboat::motor_boat::passenger_ship::ferry::ship::anchor: Hopefully will reach before month end