Noob Here! Need some help on what this all means

So say I flash the DEOT Custom OS image you created into my Gameshell, will it be difficult to upgrade to new newer OS in the future (Clockwork 1.0?)? And will I lose all the games I’ve put on it before and all game saves? I just want the most updated OS possible but also have a game library ready to rock without worrying about it getting wiped every time I update my OS. I know there aren’t a ton of OS updates, but it would still be frustrating.

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The current DEOT custom image won’t behave well with updating unfortunately, without a complete wipe.
The current 0.4 stock CAN be updated, and will no doubt be able to be updated up to 1.0. That said, I can’t predict how many changes will be made in the future. Who knows? There could be a complete overhaul that ends up making the current launcher totally obsolete. Development could randomly halt after 5 years.

For now, I’m going to try and do something similar with m next custom image re: being able to be updated with the 0.5 image that may be coming out soon as a base; that is to say, setup as many things as possible. I have been in communication with one of the devs, @guu re: hopefully trying to implement a few things in future official updates. Hopefully there won’t be a need for a custom image like mine later on down the track, but for now I’ve done as much as possible to make things as foolproof as possible for the average user.

There are still fairly advanced processes required to update the device that may be too much some.
I’ll try and at least get a pre patched image, with other added features included out as soon as possible.

For now try and get your hands on a few SD cards. Where I’m from (Australia), 16GB sd micro cards are as cheap as a cup of coffee. (That said, coffee in Western Australia is notoriously expensive! Haha)
That way you can test out different images, try your own upgrades, or just tinker with things without fear of losing your primary operating system and all its associates Roms.

I finally got my Gameshell and I’m having a ton of fun. One thing is I don’t know how to play Playstation games on it. I can’t find where to put the ROMS, which are .rar files? I hope that makes sense, as I may have it all jacked up. I tried searching the forums, but couldn’t really find much on the matter. Thanks again.

You need to expand the RAR files. On the Mac, download and install MacPAR deluxe. Once expanded, you can place the game files (bin+cue, mdf+mds, etc) into ‘Pcsx’ folder in the ‘games’ directory. You should be able to select the game after launching Pcsx.

I feel stupid because I’ve seen .rar files before. So I extracted them, put them in PCSX and they still aren’t showing up. Anything you think I’m missing?

Also, I’m finding there aren’t really enough buttons to play N64 games, but some I can make due. Is there any way to map the buttons for N64 games alone so that I can use some of the light bar buttons as C buttons? Any help on this would be awesome.

They need to be the right format, as @lasvegas mentioned. The newer operating systems should just display the game files in the list, and you should be able to launch them from there.
Some games require a bios file to run, but most at least boot up. This won’t affect whether or not they are visible.
Another thing to try; refreshing the page. Or possibly push left or right on the d-pad. You may have accidentally entered the favourites menu.

On the topic of the Mupen key binding, you will need to edit the mupen64plus.cfg file found in ~/.config/mupen/mupen64plus.cfg (from memory)
There will be a key bind section. Mapping of the keypad will use these corresponding letters, since it’s essentially a keyboard.

Hopefully this helps!

Hint: In most emulators, adding an alias text file with the same name as the game file(s) and the suffix ‘alias’ (IE: ‘pacman.alias’), containing only the name of the game (IE: ‘Pac Man’), will replace the filename in Launcher’s selection menu.

Any guide on how I would go about editing that file? Lol. Trying to learn!

Mount the ‘games’ folder on your computer and create text files for each game set.

There’s a simple guide on how to use one text editor called nano. You will also need to know how to SSH into your game shell.

For simple configuration files, you should be able to just edit it on your computer’s end, and just transfer it back. Even something like text edit should work. Otherwise, whatever you’re using for your ssh client on your computer’s end should also have an editor.

Here’s what the config file has in it, for your info.

(also, I initially gave the wrong file name! I’ve edited my previous post ;))

Okay. I’m trying to use Nano on my Mac and I’m able to open Nano, but nothing shows up within Nano from terminal. I SSH into my Gameshell, but then don’t know where to go from there.

SO I opened the file in text edit and just edited from there, but now those buttons don’t do anything. I assume I am doing it wrong, but I feel like I followed the mapping photo that you included. Any help!

Aha!!! That’s right! They are mapped to numbers; not keyboard buttons!
Good thing I paste binned the original config!
I had a “conversion” chart. It’s somewhere in the depths of my computer, since I haven’t had to change it in a while.
But okay… this is going to be an arduous task, but make a note of what each button corresponds to, then what number of corresponds to in the config. Then you can have a Rosetta Stone of sorts. There are other ways, but this will be the easiest for now. :slight_smile:
Glad you worked out how to edit the file.

For future reference, using nano will often be prefaced by sudo, as you use it to modify files requiring super user permissions. Eg,

sudo nano ~/.config/mupen/mupen64plus.cfg

On a complete tangent, before you go and do too much, perhaps try and get a spare sd card to try out the 0.5 build. That is what I would honestly use over my current DEOT image. It will be far more future proof and robust. I still haven’t tested to see if mupen is set up, but even if it isn’t, it’s not too hard. I could guide you through the process fairly easily; especially if you start on a completely clean image. :slight_smile:

Oh! So you would recommend using the new 0.5 instead of your DEOT?

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I just installed V0.5 and now mupen64 doesn’t even work. I don’t think 0.5 includes mupen64 ready to go. That’s a real shame, because I suck at all the difficult things in terms of the GameShell.

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Do not worry my friend!! You’re not the only one.
As of 5 mins ago, I’ve been chatting with guu. It’s being worked on, and will hopefully be included in the 0.5 official release and/or the update file!

I say to use the 0.5 version, simply because most of which was implemented in my DEOT was the inspirational base for what people have come together and worked out; AND then applied to 0.5. The main bonus is that it will be updateable, and more future proof. That is, if you like fiddling. You just won’t have the DEOT theme. (Yet! Wink wink ;))

If you just want one OS to keep on there to just play games, and don’t care about development, the DEOT custom one will be fine.

Meantime, if you want to try installing mupen on your 0.5 image, check this out:

(Oh wait lol, I replied to you in that thread anyway!! Hahahah)