On Chrome, don't want to download anything, but want to use cloud

I’m on Chrome but don’t want to download anything and but want to use cloud. What do I do?

The gameshell cloud doesn’t actually need to use chrome or anything else. In fact, the cloud doesn’t even access anything. It’s just a means of showing you how to access your gameshell via SSH.

Theoretically you don’t need to download anything. But this requires you to know how to use a command line, and manually inputting directories etc, and connecting via SSH to your gameshell.

Sure it’s easy to learn to use a CLI (command line interface), but if you’ve never done it before, you’re better off downloading a standalone SSH application.

Depending on your computer’s OS (operating system), there are different apps. On my Mac, I use Transmit or CyberDuck. I hear lots of people use FileZilla on windows. I used to use putty on windows in my early university days. These apps make it an easy drag and drop affair that is familiar and easy to use.

Here’s a post I found searching on the forums here, explaining how to transfer games via the cloud. Like I said above, unless you are prepared to use a command line interface, literally typing code like a “hacker”, you will pretty much have to download something.

If you really don’t want to/can’t download an application to use as a GUI (graphical user interface) for file transfers, here’s a post that gives some simple instructions on how to use a command line:

I think that’s what you are referring to? Your post was a little bit vague. :slight_smile:


Just another note, if you are on linux, some file managers can connect to remote file-systems using smb sftp etc by default. I usually just connect to sftp://<gameshell_ip> and do stuff that way (I use debian with gnome, the file I believe is Nautilus).

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Yes, that was what I was referring to, thank you for the information. I’ve been kind of busy, and I haven’t had time to reply.

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