Organizing games launchers as a list

Ok. So I have a lot of Doom and Doom II mods that I load using zdoom and EcWolf and I would Like to organize them as a list view instead of icons. I want to view them the same way other platform display the list of available Roms.

The issue is that all my games are in /home/cpi/games/WADS, and all my launchers (.sh) are in ~/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro Games/DOS WADS. So they all show as icons.

The main issue is that I can’t obviously, lauch them through a global launcher but need to have separate launchers since I need to load differents mods in each of them.

So how should I go about this?

Create separate scripts for them

Can you elaborate please? You might have misread my post.
Do you mean laucher script? I already have launchers for each of them. Its the way they are displayed the issue.

You could create a python script that lists them all and when you select one runs them. You can check how the launcher does it:

Note: I guess there is a starting point, haven`t looked too much into it.

Ok… Seems a bit complex. I thought there might be an easier way to accomplish this.

You can put all the launchers in a folder and call it a day, after all whats the difference between a vertical and a horizontal list? haha

Well its what I did already, but I would prefer a vertical text list.
Thanks anyway.

If you know any other language that can create a window or a graphical interface would work too.

For example myself I could create a menu with C++ and Qt5.

use an action.config the same way the retroarch emulators are set up. just don’t specify a ROM_SO or SO_URL.

LAUNCHER=zdoom -iwad

This is actually how the ChocoDM launcher works, provided in the latest launcher code.

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This is exactly what I just foud out! lol
I put all my .sh and my Wads and PK3’s in my WADS game folder.
Then by using an action.config I launch my .sh files. I do not use the LAUNCHER variable. I only mention EXT=sh because I also have mods for Wolfenstein and I use ECWolf for these…

And then, because I am OCD, I create .alias files to rename the way I want…