Original GameShell D.E.O.T. Image

Does anyone know how to download the original D.E.O.T. image?

I did an upgrade to the new Clockwork OS 0.5 and it messed up with the D.E.O.T. boot theme.

Link for DEOT image:

try @javelinface 's DEOT image?

with a lot of new features



I already tested this image (@javelinface Custom D.E.OT. V2.0/Clockwork OS 0.5 v:200110), although it is very beautiful and has nice and updated features, the theme still a little different from the original DEOT, also the boot into, notifications and settings are different.

Anyway thanks for your reply! :smile:

The download link to the original D.E.O.T. image was posted to this thread back in October:

Of course it uses an older version of the OS and doesn’t have Lima accelerated graphics drivers that work. Might have been nice if an official update would have been released for this too, but this is the only version I’m aware of, apart from the custom versions already mentioned.

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I can possibly get the initial splash screen, and then the Linux boot screen. These are the only two screens that are different. I’ve changed pretty much every other splash screen.
If you really want the rest, I suppose I could extract the two images from the stock DEOT kernel, then recompile the kernel with the images. But … that’s a lot of work that I will need to put aside some time for.
Are you trying the 200110 build? That one is pretty damn accurate.

One thing about the stock DEOT theme is that it has had the theme chooser commented out. This is no doubt due to compatibility problems present, while having the customised skin_manager.py file, and custom settings widgets for volume, sound etc.
I had these in a previous build, but noticed users hanging the system, changing themes. So I returned those to stock.

The stock DEOT theme was always way behind the official images. Launcher updating hasn’t been a thing for a while. The custom image can be updated, since it is a 0.5 theme, and will be up to date. The only down side is, I had to make the directory structure match up with the stock 0.5 structure, so updates wouldn’t result in overwrites, duplicates and system hangs. This is basically trying to get the best of both worlds.

The theme should be exactly the same as the stock DEOT theme, since I actually ported straight over. Some folders have different names, due to the above reasons. Eg, play is now called Retro Games. The MAIL, PROJECT, and MANUAL Love apps are there, only shifted towards the end of the queue, since it clashes with a bug in the 0.5 image.

All of the icons that were present in the original DEOT theme are present in the custom ones. It’s just, there are now more icons than there were icons. I’m in the process of making more custom icons, so there will be that for consistency. Oh and the Utilities folder was removed from the stock DEOT image. I restored that too.

I am more than happy and willing to make this more and more to your liking, and similar to the stock DEOT image. By all means, leave some comments on the thread, requesting specific changes, and I see what I can do.
Meantime, try the previous DEOT v1.0 final image based on 0.4. It’s basically the same as the newer one, including Lima drivers etc. It just can’t be updated. This is about as close as you are going to get to the DEOT theme with the update patch. A lot of what was put in the patch was initially tested on this very theme.

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Thank you so much, that is exactly what I was looking for, the custom edition is great to play but I was just wondering to keep a original image, because I messed up with mine.

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I think that’s request a lot of effort to get those things recompiled on the kernel, I have no idea how to do that.

About the 200110 build, I’m using this one at the moment :smile: It’s really accurate, just small things like you said … the splash screen and compatibility problems.

It would be great to have DEOT completely updated with all the drivers working perfectly. At the moment this is all very new to me and I am very happy with what I have found here.

For now, I will stick playing with the 200110 build and keep the DEPOT v1.0/OS 0.4 saved for fun.

Thanks so much for your reply, it was extremely helpful for a beginner like me, really appreciate what you are doing on the Forum.

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