PCSX ReARMed for GameShell

I’m using .bin and .cue files, these work too (the emulator lists the .cue files)

Hey Michel, how can i do that?, i’ve tried to transfer it with winSCP it it doesnt show on the retroarch, or how can i copy that file in the Home/cpi/. Config/retroarch /cores from my pc?

Hey micro, how did you do it?, ive been trying for days, and it crashes i really want to have psx games on my gs pls help !l

Where did you get the core for it? I only see mednafen-psx core in the buildbot repos and that one just crashes. :confused:

Sorry for late reply. Got the core from HERE. Runs perfect when booted thru retroarch.

I had to make my own file to make the games boot from the retro games menu.

I don’t know the application you are using, but you can manually type it in with no space it should bring you in to the folder
This is me playing crash Bandicoot swipe right

Hey micro, thanks, but how do i isntall it? i’m sorry is just i’m a newbie and i do not understand well, should i put this on the PCSX master folder?

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How can i type it manually?

If I’m not mistaken, I believe Ratchet and Clank is a PS2 game. It won’t run on a PS1 emulator.

For those who are trying to launch it and getting a black screen and then back to the menu, I had to update the shell script for mine. Script wasn’t launching in the correct directory, and so wasn’t running anything.

Assuming you’ve cloned into the directory as outlined above (so the directories are the same), my launch script is now the following ( - addition obviously being the directory change:

cd /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Pcsx
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@Jay I m not around a computer right now, but I think it’s /home/cpi/ .config/retroarch/cores/

It’s in a hidden folder, so make sure you can view hidden directories. Then drop “” in there.

Then rename the zip file you downloaded ( and name it “ and put it in /home/cpi/apps/emulators/
Now it will run directly from retroarch, and from a menu item if you make one.

Forgive me if I’m wrong this is all from memory let me know how that goes

do I need to import a core into pcsx menu?

If you do it my way, it eliminates having to use the standalone Pcsx, and runs it all thru Retroarch so you can use your hotkeys. Looks cleaner in the menu as well image image image

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Hey michel, how you put the icon on the launcher?

Check this out man it should help ya

Just stop at /GameShell/
Take out the /20_Retro_Games/ or w.e and it’ll be on the main launcher

Look around in the application you are using there should be a way to manually input your directory, when you have input home/cpi/.config

You should see the retroarch folder, in that folder there should be a core folder, just drop the pscx reArmed core in the folder.

Hi Micro007 were you able to install it finally? I am completely new to it. Got my gameshell today and using a mac. How do I install PCSXR-Master?

I’m sorry man I haven’t used a Mac in almost 10 years (aside from recording) so I’m at a loss.

@fr500 @Petrakis ?

hmmm something is going on, @fr500 will knnow