PCSX ReARMed for GameShell

Are you talking about PCSX-ReARMed libretro? or the standalone version people are using on the GS?

I am now following your instructions - RetroArch Megathread this one which are good :slight_smile: and have posted another question for you Thanks for answering the last one I was able to complete the steps until the Input configuration. Now stuck at doing inputs.

For anyone looking for a icon for pcsx, i made this one. Use if you like it :smiley:.


can you private message me on where to find working isos? cause i tried a few and they didnt work

how do i change the icon?

Just move the file to ~/apps/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell then give it the same name as the saved .sh file, for example pcsx.png

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Hey guys, i’m trying to install gran turismo 2 but the game file ends in .sub, how can i make it work??

How playable is it @ 5fps?

5fps? Who’s getting 5fps lol

PPSSPP Emulator…
Test Game :Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles
Just 5fps…:sob:

Oh I dunno. I use PCSX REARMED and it worked flawlessy.

Original post shows a 5fps screenshot.

5fps screenshot
That’s a PPSSPP (PSP) Emulator …Not PCSX (PSX) Emulator
I tried to compile source code and run psp game…

Do you think that when the GPU driver works correctly, the GameShell will be able to move the PSP games perfectly?

sadly no…beefy-er processor needed to emulate those games :smiley:

Actually the CPU is just fine, nes classic has the same CPU and it runs more than a few.
The problem is still in the GPU drivers, at least for libretro versions.

I’m having problems with GLES (GL works “fine”)

Sorry guys, i have roms which do not need bios, may i know where to add roms?
i just gotten my GS today.

Hi Guys Do you have a steep by steep guide for this? thanks in advance. until now just get it done to emulate GBA and SNES games, from the retroarch i will try to generate the access to the retro games menu this week.

Here’s basically a crash course of what you need to know to just add games.(If command prompt intimidates you)

Download WinSCP or similar program, this program will make it possible to manipulate files as if they were in the file explorer in windows. ( Be sure to check custom download and set the view mode to file explorer

  • Once the program is open, you’ll need to type in the “cpi@192.XXX.XX.X” in the host name. This is located on the gameshell in the tinycloud app on the main screen
  • Type the password “cpi” and hit login
  • Browse to /home/cpi/games/(name of emulator you’re placing the rom in)
  • Drag and drop the rom from your windows files to the right-hand side of the WinSCP screen. The rom will upload to the device.
  • You can then either reload UI, or enter the emulator and press ‘x’ to scan the dir and populate the rom you just loaded.

Do you guys know if it can run pbp games? I’m trying to get FFVIII running as a pbp format but when I launch the game it instantly crashes back to the main menu.