PCSX ReARMed for GameShell


I also can’t play pbp games, but in my case it just says unuspported/invalid CD image, does anyone know if I have to turn on any option form the menu or something?


I haven’t been able to get those files functioning yet, i’ll try playing with it more this week when I have time.
For now, the best option is to just find the .bin/.cue file and use those. I’ll post an update on this post if I come across anything useful this week.


Alright, thanks for the reply


I’m getting a little confused of how to get this core to run. Do we download this direct from retroarch or is there a core just for the gameshell.


A Quick Question about cheats here…
I’m using the standalone PCSX for gaming (i love how Menu just opens the menu, instead of backing out of the game entirely) but I cannot open the cheat files like I can using RetroArch.
Any hints for using cheat files with the standalone, please?


have you tried using psxvcd to convert it to bin/cue (not sure if this works though)


you don’t use the ones from retroarch, look up cheat.db or message the discord and i’ll send you it


Thanks. Ill give it a shot tomorrow!


What type of files will this core run.


Nothing I try seems to go more than 20 fps. Added the bios and it seems to be loading correctly, but not exactly what is call playable.

Any ideas how to get it to the point the volume doesn’t sound like it’s going through a propeller?