Pi 4 CM? And keyboard wish!

I hope there is an upgrade planned to CM4 compatible!!!
I want to know more.

Also, I would love to get a 104 key version of your keyboard.
I actually bought 120 of the smallest switches I could find to try and make a reduced size 104 key with real numeric keypad.

Some of us are still buying vintage stock 101 key PS2 IBM M keyboards for numeric inputs.
So your stock of little ketboard WILL move eventually.

I ordered this, if it doesn‘t fit I will print a new back case…

I think a bigger case will definitely be needed! Or even just cutting out a slot in the back. The heat sink of a A06 is ridiculously close to the back panel. If the CM4 is anything like the rpi4, it definitely needs a heat sink. Once that’s applied, if almost certainly won’t fit.