Pi Zero 2W to CM3 adapter on uConsole?

So I just ordered a CM4 Lite-Non version (order 223XX)
I’m planning on getting the CM4108000 module.

But out of curiosity I’d like to ask:
I have a Pi Zero 2W and would like to try it with a Pi Zero to CM3 adapter like the one they have at WaveShare. The rom provided for CM4 would work for it?

Adapter link:

If it does, that would make the uConsole an upgraded Pocket C.H.I.P. in terms of low powered pocketable computer.

Probably won’t work, unless you don’t need the display…

The Pi Zero 2W is the same processor as the CM3. You would likely be better off attempting to get a CM3 working in the uConsole. I looked at it briefly, but too much going on and it is a bit out of my area of expertise.

By display you mean the main display right? But then, would the hdmi output be active?

I think the HDMI output would still work. But in that case why not just pull the keyboard and use it with the RPi instead of futzing around with an adapter and drivers, etc?