Pico-8 Crashes on startup

Just bought and installed the Pico-8 zip file, but I can’t launch it. Just says ‘starting’ then I black screen and go back to the menu. Tried to reinstall it, but I get the same results.

Hi !

After the first launch, and crash … . Relaunch it or restart your GameShell and relaunch Pico-8.

I’ve bought and installed it too and it crashed the first time i’ve launch it but after the second launch, it worked without problems.

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I fixed it. I just had to extract it myself. Weird.

I’m having the same issue, however my GameShell doesn’t seem able to boot PICO-8 on any subsequent tries nor after a reboot. Does anyone know anyway to debug or reinstall it?

I had the same issue and solved it like this:

The launcher script for pico-8 contains this line
cd /home/cpi/games/PICO-8/pico-8

From there it tries to launch the actual pico8 binary. So all I had to do was to unzip the pico-8 archive (again - I had it running before and have no idea why it vanished):

cd ~/games/PICO-8
unzip pico-8_0.1.11g_raspi.zip

This created the pico-8 folder the launcher wants and voila, it runs again.

Additional tip: If you link your carts folder to ~/games/PICO-8, you can upload carts via WinSCP or the file browser. To do that, run this command: ln -s ~/.lexaloffle/pico-8/carts/ ~/games/PICO-8/carts

Hope that helps!

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Thanks @hpcodecraft! That fixed it, boots up! :smile: