Picture / Slideshow Viewer [how to setup]

So, I was playing around with Feh [which came pre-installed for displaying those lovely splash screens] and I wasn’t having an easy time getting it to display images the way I wanted [I wanted to be able to hit Forward/Back and advance through a folder full of images… and I seemed to only be able to get Feh to advance in reverse… not forward]. I discovered a way to sort of get what I want with a program called “Viewnior” and I’ll outline exactly how you all can set it up if you’d like to get an image viewer working.

SSH into your device .

sudo apt update
sudo apt install viewnior
mkdir ~/pictures
mkdir ~/apps/Menu/27_Pictures
wget -O ~/launcher/skin/default/Menu/GameShell/Pictures.png https://i.imgur.com/OW6yAUM.png
[You only need this 2nd PNG file if you hav the OP1 skin… like on the latest OS Firmware]
[Also, the wget command and the URL are all on a single line]
wget -O ~/skins/OP1/Menu/GameShell/Pictures.png https://i.imgur.com/E16QE4k.png
nano ~/apps/Menu/27_Pictures/action.config

[paste the following lines into the editor, then CTRL+X answer Y to Save]

LAUNCHER=viewnior --fullscreen /home/cpi/pictures/

That’s it , Reload your UI and you should see a “Pictures” Icon next to Music Player.
Put any picture files you’d like to carry with you in /home/cpi/pictures and you’re good to go.

PS. When I say “Sort of”, what I meant was that no matter what image you open… it will start at the top of the folder alphabetically… but at least you can advance forwards and backwards with the D-PAD etc… and escape with the Menu button. I figured out a way to open the highlighted image… the problem is… the method I figured out for doing that only displayed the single image… and didn’t allow me to advance forwards and backwards [and load times aren’t ideal for loading one… backing out… loading another] so I decided to sacrifice the ability to select a specific image in favor of being able to advance forward and backwards. Also… if you’d like to have the images advance automatically every 5 seconds like a slideshow… you can add –slideshow in between –fullscreen and /home/cpi/pictures/ on the LAUNCHER= line in the action.config
If anyone has a suggestion for how to preserve the ability to use the D-Pad to navigate forwards and backwards… while being able to specify which file I want to load from the file list… let me know.

Tip… since the Gameshell internal screen only Displays at 320x240, if you’re never planning on hooking up to a larger display via HDMI… you might want to resize your files before you put them in ~/pictures to save space. You can use a program like imagemagick to convert them in batches etc… google it.

happy hacking


Noice. Ill try this out after I try to get the mouse mod working.