Please help-How do you configure Directories for beginners

On reading FR500 post, he said to configure directory by going into Setting–>Directory. He further recommends setting up System, Savefile, Savestate, and File Browser. My question is: When I get into the Directory for instance, the System is listed as . How do I change that to /home/cpi/config/retroarch/system? Do I do that using the keypad? Do I use the WinSCP? If so, how is it done?

Sorry, listed as “Content Dir”

Hey man.

You have to make the folders with WinSCP. In /home/cpi/ create a BIOS folder, a SAVES folder, a STATES folder

Open RetroArch, and go to SETTINGS, and all the way at the bottom click DIRECTORIES

Now, point the SYSTEM/BIOS directory to /home/cpi/BIOS/

Point the save files to /home/cpi/SAVES

Point the save states to /home/cpi/STATES

point the file browser to /home/cpi/games/ (this way when you browse for content, it will start you at the emulator path for easier access)

I hope this helped!

Micro007, thanks a whole bunch for your help. I still had to figure out some of it since I know absolutely nothing about this.
Anyone who need further explanation in a step by step process:

  1. Click the “New,” folder icon or right click on right side of WinSCP open area and select “New,” then Directory.
  2. Name your new folders as Bios(or System), Saves(or Savefile), States(or Savestate), and File Browser.
  3. Open RetroArch on your GameShell, then go to Setting, then to Directory.
  4. First click(A or B depending on how you set up your buttons) on System/BIOS, then you will need to click again. This will bring up a whole list of directories.
    You will now need to scroll down to “home,” and click into it.
  5. From here, scroll down to “cpi,” and click it.
  6. From here, you will see the files you made. For example if you were in System/BIOS, click “Bios,” and click it. Then click “Use this directory.” This will take you out to the main Directory page, and it will show your selection.
  7. Repeat this process with other files including File Browser, Savefile, and Savestate.
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Thanks for the detailed instructions, very helpful!

I have a noob question. What is in the newly created BIOS folder? The original directory for System/BIOS in Retroarch before doing any of FR500’s instructions was ~/apps/emulators which has the following files.

cpi@clockworkpi:~/apps/emulators$ ls -a

I’m not sure what creating a new folder and directing Retroarch System/BIOS towards that new (and presumably empty folder) actually does. What am I missing?