Quadplay (open source fantasy console) support

is a fantasy console

The code is here :

Online version shows 3 games with a focus on multiplayer.

Anyone interested in this running on the gameshell ?


Thanks bro. I’ve sent it to the R&D guys. They are gonna try it on the GS.

Well 384 x 224 pixels = 12:7 aspect ≈ 16:9.3 is a direct show stopper.

This require a ~16:9 display and already ask for more pixel than the 320x240 display we have.

Not a good idea to downscale with such a factor, there will be black border and weird artifact because of scaling, and cropping is also not a good idea as is it’s going probably to remove informations that the game want to display.

While perhaps not the most ideal, it is still functional. There are other resolutions too.

Optional 192 x 112, 128 x 128, and 64 x 64 screen modes.

I’m looking into this again. GitHub - morgan3d/quadplay: The quadplay✜ fantasy console has continued to develop the console and there are some really fun games, with low resolutions.

Am wondering which is the best way to package and ship them to the gameshell :

Any tips welcome…

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